FIAT cleverly uses the launch of the original FIAT Tipo, exactly 30 years ago, to draw attention to the completed modelrange of the current Tipo.

Do you remember, the FIAT Tipo as it was first introduced to the public in Januari 1988? The Tipo was, following in the footsteps of the 128 and the Ritmo, FIAT’s third front wheel drive compact on a row. Cars that one by one helped defining the street view of their era with their clear cut and characteristic design. Cars that seduced generation after generation with their functionality and performance. The Tipo was the compact that helped FIAT crossing it’s strongest trump, the family car, into the new decade.

The model name Tipo takes FIAT way back in history, about 80 years to be more precise. An era when ‘Tipo’ simply stood for the Italian translation of ‘model’. The Tipo 1, 2, 3, the Tipo 55, the real pre-war enthousiast will know what we are talking about. To FIAT it was a link to an era in which the brand tried to bring the automobile to the Italian families, just like the current FIAT Tipo, as it was introduced in 2016, takes back on one of FIAT’s mayor bestsellers in the segment.



30 years ago the original Tipo was a very innovative car, that was chosen Car of the Year 1989 and praised for its functionality, simplicity and character. Today the current, clear cut Tipo offers, like its predecessor, fool proof engineering and quality for a reasonable price. Design wise the family bond between the old and the new Tipo shows in the clean, simple design language used. On functionality the new Tipo is once again best in class, another link to its spacious elder. The honored combination of functionality, simplicity and character in the new Tipo is like before implemented throughout both exterior and interior.



In 1988 FIAT built the Tipo on one of the first modular platforms in the car industry. Besides the Tipo they swiftly introduced sister models like the Tempra Saloon and Station Wagon. A model range FIAT also pursues with the new Tipo, be it all under the Tipo flag this time. Like always FIAT provides its cars with the latest in petrol and diesel engines. The progressive digital dash of the first Tipo has evolved into a 7 inch touch screen of the latest generation.

There is a lot of heritage hidden in the almost 120 years of car manufacturing by FIAT. A history of FIAT developing into a brand that pre-eminently knows how to profile itself as a dynamic family car. Dynamics that perfectly manage to typify the current generation of Tipo.
Marc GF Zaan

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