On my trips to classic car events abroad I consequently encounter Petra Sagnak. She is a German photographer who specialized in photography of classic cars. Be it the Technoclassica, Villa d’Este or the Mille Miglia; Petra is also there. And next to Petra or not far away you will see het partner Thomas Gerwers. As Petra he loves travelling and photography and travels regularly with Petra to capture the image in his own way.


After a professional career in working with children, Petra decided some years ago to focus totally on photography. That turned out to be a good decision. In Germany and beyond her work is highly valued. And I can see why. Last I was on the ground in an Italian street making pictures of the Mille Miglia and someone said to me: ‘There’s another crazy photographer doing the impossible for making great pictures’. And I knew directly they meant Petra Sagnak, when they described a woman with chestnut red hair.


And so it is. Petra walks the mile when it comes to capturing the picture the way she had it imagined. For that purpose she gets Mille Miglia spectators so far that they enthusiastically wave flags in order to capture the right atmosphere of this great historic event. On top of that she hangs in trees, lays on the ground and does what it needs to make the picture. And that shows in her photography. In her own words: ‘I try to make contact with my subject’.


You can encounter photos of Petra’s hand in Octane, Auto Motor Klassik, Oltimermarkt and many more media. She also works for companies as Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Citroen and some restorers of classic cars.

Cinecars is very pleased that Petra is one of the Cinecars diva’s. The cinecars diva’s is a group of people of whom the classic car is filmed by Cinecars. Because Petra not only love’s to make photos of old cars, she also likes to drive in them. One should expect a German photographer to drive a car of German origin, but the truth is that this sympathetic German photographer and her partner   Thomas drive a classic Jaguar E-type fixed head coupe, an older Jaguar XK8 cabriolet and a Landrover. Can it become more British?


Many pictures are taken of the Mille Miglia, but only the best pictures can win a prize in the prestigious  ‘Bruno Boni’ concourse. Petra won this year for the third time a prize on this concourse. Last year the chairman of the jury Alberto Sorlini (official photographer of the Mille Miglia from 1947 until 1957) used the following words to praise  Petra’s work: ‘with her pictures Petra Sagnak shoots the red arrow of the Mille Miglia in hearth of the spectator’.

Another beautiful quote: ‘Your excellent again captures the spirit of this world famous event for classic cars. Very vivid and graphically careful shaped pictures show the enthusiasm of the drivers and spectators’.

For that reason we are very honored that Petra wants to share a number of her pictures of the  Mille Miglia and the Villa ‘d Este with the visitors of the website of Cinecars.

Robbert Moree

Mille Miglia 2015

Villa d’Este 2015