flag_cinecars_dutchAt CineCars we’re passionate about classic cars. We take pleasure in sharing them in our films and photoshoots. Films that document experts, specialists, and of course, iconic classic cars. Photoshoots from events and communities made by classic car aficionados sharing their favorite automotive moments through CineCars. 

That’s why we invite classic car aficionados and automotive clubs to share their photos and articles from events and special projects with us. It’s easy to do. Just contact us!

How do you share your classic car passion at CineCars?

Just e-mail eight to sixteen high quality photos of your car to info@cinecars.nl along with your story answering the following topics:

your car’s year, make and model.
your car’s description.
where do you live and what is your age.
what sparked your interest in cars.
what you especially like about your car.
what made you purchase your car.
how you found your car.
your favorite place to drive.
your passion for classic cars or this car in particular.
who took the photos of your car.
Simply fill in the contact form to reach us or mail at info@cinecars.nl.

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