Talent wanted!Contribute to the fastest growing automotive website in Europe?

To re-enforce our team CineCars is always looking for creative petrol heads wanting to contribute to the further completion of our website. CineCars offers the possibility to combine passion for- and knowledge of classic cars with creativity and craftsmanship. We cannot offer to pay a salary or expenses, but the rapid growth we’re undergoing will take you to unexpected places. Besides that we offer you the unique opportunity to share your creations on our worldwide network. Earning the credits you deserve. Meanwhile the scope of CineCars.eu can emulate with our largest competitors!

Talent wanted!Who are we looking for?
  • Photographers/writers
  • Film makers
  • Graphic designers
  • Commercial talent
  • Folk with fresh ideas!
What do we ask for?
  • Enthousiasm and a get-up-and-go mentality
  • Regular contributions
  • Personal input
  • Your unique personality!
Interested? Please contact us:


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