10484295_770896519629859_8210482598621797001_oWe call it a Classic JobIn the early fifties the once prestigious French automobile industry decreased. The limited market in France, the heritage of German occupation and a shortage of raw materials caused manufacturing of luxury cars to an almost full stop.

In this scenario Jean Daninos developed the idea to build a luxury car for the upper middle class. Daninos was a well experienced engineer at Citroën. He already developed bodywork at Facel for car manufacturers as Delahaye, Panhard and Simca. The chauvinistic Daninos had the ambition to build a genuine French car, but only succeeded partially. His first model, the Facel FV was equipped with a Chrysler V8 engine. Nevertheless, it was the start for a fascinating and wayward model range. Of a make that had to close down after 10 hefty years of producing several models in 1964. Regrettably only a little less than 3000 cars left the factory.

10397171_770680086318169_9038780755030186766_oThe passion for mechanics is Job Brouwer’s second nature. At an early age he started tinkering on mopeds, that got exchanged for classic cars as soon he hot his hands on them. After an education in automotive technology, Job started working for his first employer, Classic Jaap in Dalfsen (NL). At the time it was mainly focused on French cars, but soon the preparation of and driving rally cars became part of the company’s core business. A totally different specialism. Todays Job has taken over the company and since then it is called ‘Classic Job’.

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10459092_770895422963302_8220458054962593071_oHans Ruhé’s love for special cars started in the early sixties. During his studies he fell in love with a Facel Vega HK500 and despite his small budget he was able to buy it. Caused by his long search for parts and information about Facel he documented all historic and technical facts for this magistral brand. Hans also started a register where 1400 of the 3000 ever produced Facels can be found. Later on Hans published a book, based on original documentation derived from the archives of no less than Jean Daninos himself. Thus creating a beautiful and complete document. Starting in 1990 Hans uses his knowledge and experience to reproduce parts for the Facel. In 1994 his dream came true at the start of his company ‘Amicale Facel Holland’.

10493011_770896079629903_5404153090793314725_oA few years ago Classic Job got acquainted with Hans’ restauration activities by supporting the restauration of Facels. This was the base for a close cooperation where both joined their expertises to get to a steady product. Starting from a professional focus, Job grew to be a real Facel adept. These cars are all different on details. Just because of the differences, each project starts with an extensive investigation on the details of the very car. Since 2013 Amicale Facel Holland and Classic Job joined forces. Now a higher volume of Facel Vega projects can be dealth with at high level and in a  reasonable amount of time. The cooperation works so well, they decided to work even closer together. The cooperation guarantees continuity of Amicale Facel Holland as leading Facel Vega specialist and restorer. As a bonus, the cooperation guarantees development, production and delivering of Facel Vega parts for enthousiasts all over the world.

10431166_770896216296556_6054636291495660353_oJob and Hans developed and manufacture several new Facel parts that were not available for many years. Recently, next to the workshop in Dalfsen, a Facel Vega parts store arose which delivers parts worldwide. Putting one and two together, it is quite clear we see a prosporous cooperation between two genuine Petrolheads with a shared passion for a beautiful brand. Job and Hans are custodians for the Facel Vega heritage and are a worldwide authority in the field of these beautiful French luxury automobiles.