The year is coming to an end, your CineCars reporters glance back at 2016 and look forward to 2017. Together they see you through the dark and merry days to a shiny New Year.

It’s Christmas time. The radio is playing Christmas tunes galore. People dreaming about white Christmases. A song about peace on earth brings the crowds a feeling of wellbeing. About enjoyable sleigh rides through the falling snow, bells tinkling and all. Men driving home for Christmas, to be with their families. Some tunes have become endlessly annoying. Especially this ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ tune by Chris Rea is completely ruined for me, although I quite used to like the melody for driving along in the car.

Everyday reality in newspapers, on TV and on the internet shows an entirely different picture of our modern world. Ain’t much peace to be found it seems. All the suffering we bring on one another. At these moments I’d wish the world to become a walhalla for classic cars. The people visiting classics events are usually merrier and so much more forgiving. They enjoy each others company and cars. Something that shows a much brighter world. Starting on the parking lot, the people entering in their classic cars show their broadest of smiles. The odd exception shows a little tension on their faces, usually when their beloved vehicle shows some technical issues, due to the car not being used all that often. But these tense moments aside, you’ll see nothing but smiles and people enjoyng themselves.

Camaraderie is what I run into in the paddocks at classic racing events. Where mechanics, drivers and other team members take care of the wellbeing of the team. Be it by caring for the inner human being, or by improving the condition of the car. It’s a hell of a job at every possible hour of the day, or night. It means helping each other out with parts or a helping hand. Even when you’ll be competing each other the very next day. There is just an abundance of companionship, most certainly amongst the amateur teams. The same heart warming togetherness we find at rally or club events. And lets not forget the spectators. They thoroughly enjoy themselves. Savouring the beauty of the cars, the thrill of the races and the amicable atmosphere at these classic car events. They eat, drink, kick some tires and talk about the design, the technical issues and the offering of spare parts available. Maybe about the weather and come Christmas, they might even talk nativity scenes.

How great would it be, when this dream came true. No more suffering, no more battles, but people enjoying their classic car hobby only. Visiting nice events of taking part in classic car racing. It would mean peace on the planet. A dream to strive after by bringing you more stories, pictures and videos of classic automobiles. Maybe we can add a little music. Anyone here wo knows a really good Christmas tune starring old cars?
Robbert Moree