CineCars reporter Robbert Moree just loves his Volvo’s, no wonder he couldn’t skip on a trip to the largest Volvo – meet in the Low Lands.

The Swedish manufacturer Volvo has a stable following. Their sturdiness is legendary and owners can’t stop praising Volvo’s emphasis on safety; cars that are built completely around the driver. So when, like Volvodrive Magazine, you organise a meeting for owners of Volvo’s all ages, you can’t be surprised when over 1500 Volvo’s from all possible ages show up. On Whit Monday it all happened once again. Like many others me, my wife and my youngest son drive our 1977 Volvo 245 L to Best, near Eindhoven. On our way there we spot quite a few older and more recent Volvo’s. They arrive from every possible direction. From The Netherlands of course, but Belgium, Germany, The United Kingdom, Sweden, France and even Poland, are represented just as well here in Best. Brand new V90’s of the latest model, as well as the indestructible 240, Amazon, 444/544 and P1800 are widely available.

Here you find truly everything Volvo. However different the old and the new Volvo models might be, every owner suffers from the incurable Volvo Virus. A virus in many shapes and forms. Like the Stock Volvo Virus, which tirelessly keeps the car as it once came of the production line. Then there is the Volvo Tuning Virus, leading to ever expanding tuning and modifications. Let’s not forget the common Volvo is for Driving Virus, because that is something they simply do extremely well, racking up mileages. Prejudice states that old cars are kept by elderly people. No such thing with Volvo. For sure, on my way through the endless rows of cars I do meet some elderly ladies and gentlemen, but I do encounter a surprising amount of young people. The Volvo Club having its own youth section. Not all that strange, when you realise older Volvo’s are relatively cheap and easy to maintain.

A young couple arrives in a shiny Volvo V70 R in stunning Saffron pearl, a deep golden shade. My remark on her quite old fashioned position in the passenger seat is treated to an icy silence. Soon I find out she used to drive his Volvo, but after a write off on his last V70 R due to late braking she lost most of her credit. Luckily love conquered the virus, but the wounds are still deep. Four young ladies do drive their Volvo’s themselves. Even better, they do maintain them theirselves as well. When the boyfriends behave, they are allowed to do some tinkering on the cars, but they’d rather they were good in the kitchen and housekeeping, leaving them with more garage time. True Volvo style!

Together the four young ladies are in for a challenge. They’re driving a Volvo Duett in this years Carbage Run. Not just like that, of course not, they’re in it for charitable reasons. Their charity being the Free a Girl organisation, that works on buying free prostitutes and girls otherwise engaged in forced labour. For this cause they’ll drive their old banger to the Baltic states this coming July. 5000 kilometers in just 5 days, two of them sleeping in the car, the two others on the roof. I can’t help wondering if this won’t lead to some relational troubles. All of them are sure it will, but they’re up for that challenge as well! One more reason to support their noble cause on Facebook: Volvo for life has never been taken this literally before.
Robbert Moree