Volvodrive-63flag_cinecars_dutchWhat is it about cars that makes people create active groups on Facebook dedicated to one specific make? What makes them organise in clubs, attend meetings and even greet when crossing each other on the streets? Popular brands like Ford and Opel are very well represented on Facebook, but a smaller manufacturer like Volvo is represented just as strongly. What surprises us, is to find the same cohesion between lovers of classic Volvo’s as well as between those who drive the modern examples. Dutch magazine Volvodrive recognises that family spirit and organised a large Volvo meeting at Aquadrive in Best. CineCars is there just for you.

Volvodrive-136From 10 am the Volvo community is welcome at the venue. We didn’t count, but we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that about a thousand cars had gathered by noon. From a scale model of the 1920’s ‘Old Jacob’ up to the latest XC90. The fields are divided in classics up to 1974, youngtimers up to 1995 and modern cars. Normally we are used to see mostly older cars at events like this. No such thing here, at least 40 percent of the attending vehicles is post 1995. And the fun thing is, it’s still one big happy family. Every member has his own preferences of course. Elderly gentlemen exchanging tech facts about their Amazons or PV’s. Middle aged men who appreciate the 200 and 700-series.Volvodrive-131Young blokes bragging about their highly tuned 850/S70/V70’s. One young man tells us his S70 produces over 400 (!) HP. That’s a lot faster than the editorial 245. ‘Well, not at first, when I’ll be standing in a cloud of tire smoke failing to put all that power to use’, he laughs. There aren’t any models that fall overboard. Or maybe the 300-series, which is considered to be an ordinary Daf by some. Something the Dutch shouldn’t be ashamed of. Still there is a group of enthousiasts even for this model, just watch the crowd surrounding a very early red 343 DL.

Volvodrive-77Enthousiast of the V70R and peers in the colour Safran Pearl make a special division amongst the many Volvo’s attending. They went and put all their cars together in pecking order. Also not to miss, a red PV 444 parked on the shore. Hand painted and with some enormous not all that factory spec exhaust pipes on the side. Another symptom of the Volvo virus is the need for funny stickers. Of course we noticed one or two prancing mooses, eloquently making fun of a certain prancing steed logo. Putting ‘I am The Stig’ on the back of your slowish 1.9 242 is quite funny. Pre-occupation says you can’t really live up to the slogan ‘Volvo in Sports’, where as ‘La passion de qualité’ fits the reputation way better.Volvodrive-123And those are just a few in a long line of humoristic outings. Not everyone’s partner is as enthousiastic about following their husband to events like this. We do understand that. It’s a good thing the seats of a Volvo P1800 are comfortable enough and Woman’s Weekly makes for some distraction. The lady herself is reading an article about Christmas, what makes us think she might be a tad behind on her reading. Very nice P1800 by the way, one owner for the last ten years, who made sure the car looks nice, but not to ‘clean’. We should have brought the P1800 ES instead of the estate car today, we can’t spot a single one of those.

Volvodrive-92Well there you have it; every price range, all ages, original or pimped, for near perfection to running projects. Within the Volvo scene it all goes together remarkably well. Everyone’s welcome and enjoys their stay. As we say at CineCars: Nice people drive nice cars. And so they do.
text and pictures: Robbert Morée
translation: Marc GF Zaan

wordt cinecars reporter