Here at CineCars HQ we like to expand our boundaries. Today we look forward to the Sotogrande Grand Prix, soon to be kicked of in Sevilla.

‘They’re taking quite a risk’, was our first reaction when the press release arrived by mail. Organising a premier league event in the same weekend as the infamous Concours d’Elégance at Villa d’Este is courageous to say the least. The people behind the Sotogrande Grand Prix see no problem and present a grand event from Wednesday 24th until Sunday 28th of May. It takes us to Andalusia, to Sevilla to be precise, where the departure of the very first Sotogrande Rally will take place at the Plaza de España. There, in the most southern part of Spain, a unique collection of classic cars and premium brands dating back way before 1965 will travel through Cordoba to Sotogrande.

Sotogrande, the exclusive resort in the south west of Spain, built in 1962 as the very first of its kind, welcomes the crème de la crème of the automotive world for the very first time in its illustrious history. Enthousiasts can enjoy a unique collection of classic cars and premium car brands for five long days. The cars take part in speed trials, exhibitions and auctions. Spread out over five events on different locations between Sevilla and Sotogrande. The Sotogrande Grand Prix is all about immaculate mechanics, extraordinary craftsmanship and leading brands from the past and the near future. Paying tribute to their technical ingenuity.

An important section of the Sotogrande Grand Prix is the Sotogrande Rally, divided in two classes: A timed version for the more competitive driver and, for those who prefer to take it slowly, a ‘Ballade’. Every day the cars will travel a distance of 300 kilometers through the breathtaking Andalusian landscape, to finally arrive in Sotogrande itself. As top of the bill they will race a Flying ¼-Mile on the historic bridge over the river Guadiaro. On Sunday we’ll find an exquisite selection of the worlds most beautiful automobiles in the exclusive Sotogrande Concours d’Elégance. An international jury will judge the cars by the strict rules of the International Chief Judge Advisory Group. Top of class, as we are used to at Het Loo, Villa d’Este and Pebble Beach.


The international auction house Bonhams is pleased to support the first edition of the Sotogrande Grand Prix. There is no doubt that there will be a fantastic array of classic automobiles on display during the entire weekend. The lover of more modern jewels won’t be disappointed either. Leading brands from the automotive world wil put their latest models and prototypes on display at the local marina. The combination of exclusive cars and the location will undoubtedly lead to magnificent pictures. The elaborate program is mouthwatering. In print at least this event looks absolutely the works!
Martin Philippo