The history of a modern state explained through the used police cars, that’s the surprising angle of the five episode series Le Pantere Della Polizia Italiana.

These are times of fear and social and political unrest. History repeating itself? With ‘Le Pantere della Polizia Italiana’ CineCars digs deep into the origin of the 20th century western society. Society as we know it is being threatened by mechanisms we individuals can’t grasp.

In 2016 the CineCars community made its very first longer documentary. A movie on the rise of modern Italy in post second world war Europe. An intriguing story on the impact of fear and terror on a society in full expansion. On geo-political development, crime and not least the role of the fast growing automobility. Because we should take lessons out of the things that passed.

Una Nuova Italia



Italy is in ruins, the second world war left a devastated country, in which nothing was like before. For the Italians this meant a rigorous change. Those who still longed for the old Italy had a hard time coping with the new moral. Law enforcement got reorganised in a quasi military style. Due to lack of resources and means to build their own, the Italians used left behind military vehicles to mobilise their police force. The Willys Jeep being their ‘weapon’ of choice. CineCars shows you the coming of age of a new Italy!


Una Nuova Italia

The Willys Jeep, crossover between tractor and car, conceived to transport soldiers swiftly and efficient through every possible terrain. An extraordinary ingenious concept with a potential larger than anyone could possibly suspect. Simple, indestructible and iconic. No wonder the all new Italian Polizia di Stato embraces the American do-it-all with love.
Marc GF Zaan


Watch part 2: Nascita di una Leggenda

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