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With pride and the official approval of the Italian government – we can finally present the trailer of the ‘Pantere della Polizia Italiana’ documentary. After three days of hard work in a Roman autumn sun filming five different vintage police cars the CineCars team came back to reality: editing, sorting out image copyrights, creating animations and struggling with the inevitable Italian bureaucracy.

teaser.Copy.01.Copy.01-2As experienced ‘venatores’ form the Roman Empire, initiators Mirko Cocco and Angelo van Schaik have tamed these black panthers in the arena and conceived an epical 35-minute film. We see and hear passionate Italian policemen, in historically correct uniforms from an age long gone, behind the wheel of magnificent cars telling about exciting adventures starring the ‘black panthers’. At the same time that is one of the special things about this film: the complete cooperation of the Polizia di Stato. It is also unique to see so many of these historic police cars driving through Rome’s Centro Storico and the 1930s built suburb EUR. All this unique footage is mixed with interesting material from archives around the country and some artistic animations of the historical police cars.

5-2Hereby Cinecars wants to thank all of our crowdfunders for their support! Without them, this film wouldn’t be there. The good news is: the premiere is close, and so are the so-called rewards which will be sent once the film is released. Until then, enjoy the trailer!
Bastiaan van den Berg