It couldn’t be missed, CineCars was touring Europe with its new documentary Nato Sotto il Segno del Toro. From Modena to the green heart of Holland, spot the similarities.

For two days the Fiere di Modena is completely overruled by the classic car scene. In front of the main entrance of the Modena Motor Gallery we find the stand of the Polizia di Stato. The livery of both cars and coppers coming straight from Le Pantere della Polizia Italiana. A central corridor connects halls packed with the most beautiful cars automotive Italy has on offer. Parts and complete vehicles, in every possible price range. The offer diverse, from the Pope’s high roof Fiat to a scattering of Lamborghini Miura’s in all stages of rebuild. The atmosphere is relaxed, both young and old are enjoying the beauty on offer.

In a hall where usually trees, plants and flower bulbs find their way to greeneries across the country, this weekend we find a small classic car party. The Plantarium building in Hazerswoude, Holland, hosts the very first edition of Wheels in the West. The Netherlands’ youngest classic car event. And with success, in the both roomy and light hall we find an array of classics on show, brought by all mayor classic car dealers and automobile clubs. The offer is large and diverse, something for everyone and every taste. We see Americana and pre-war brass work. Family cars from the sixties, competing with the obligatory bling. No Pope cars here, but a remarkable ‘top hat’ Mercedes-Benz 600. Slowly visitors start to find their way towards this brand new event. They aren’t wrong.

Modena is the heart of the Italian Motor Valley. Amidst Ferrari heaven Maranello, the Pagani Factory and, of course, the Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini. This is where it all comes together, the design, the ingenuity, the ultimate beauty. It did in the fifties and it still does. At this venue the expert recognises not only the work of the great artists, he spots the accompanying faces as well. They are all here, approachable, aimabel. Any random pensioner around here did serve his days in the studio’s of the big names. Here it ain’t just the cars inspiring the audience. At the stand of the ACI Storico we find ongoing interviews and presentations with the large and slightly smaller names from the Italian automobile business. This is the place where CineCars presents its latest film on the life and work of Ferruccio Lamborghini joined by his son, Tonino.











Back to Hazerswoude, amidst the green heart of Holland. Besides the static show in the hall, where trade and clubs are clearly looking to find the right equilibrium, on Sunday the event presents a completely sold out Wheels in the West Rally. All profits go to charity, the Stomach Cancer Fund, a truly good cause. That’s what the Dutch do best! Inside in the hall, perfectly restored cars compete with the charm of well used everyday motors. Like in Modena, we see the diversity in Italian design, be it in the contrast between the Volvo 262 Coupé and the Lamborghini Espada. Twice Bertone, two completely different worlds. The world of Lamborghini is introduced to the ‘cold hearted’ people of the North in the special CineCars auditorium on the second floor. Nato Sotto il Segno del Toro manages to melt the iciest of hearts!
Martin Philippo – Marc GF Zaan