zoetermeer-oldtimerdag-1_26911968630_oflag_cinecars_dutchThe velocity with which the amount of classic car events hits us every spring and summer is hard to grasp. In a blink of an eye august is nearly gone, the children are back in school and you still haven’t processed everything that came in. Today the story of Robbert Moree, who took us to the Zoetermeer Oldtimer Day in May. He went there to enjoy himself, but mainly to take heaps of nice pictures.

Every Spring is a celebration of classic cars awakening from hibernation. After all the salt has disappeared from the roads, the rain being chased away by the sun, at last we can take our beloved classics back out on the road. One last technical check and of we go. Be it just a nice ride in the evening or an outing at the weekend. Just a little tour, maybe with a goal; Visiting an old friend, or parents, or family. Or just maybe someone is organising a tour or rally somewhere.

zoetermeer-oldtimerdag-26_26912024080_oThank God these enthousiasts exist as well. People who love planning a nice ride for others. Putting lots of time and effort in it. Thinking out a route, driving it several times and describing it meticulously. And of course checking it all again shortly before the planned date, you never know if some evil genius has blocked a road. Than printing out the route and organising the day itself; Sufficient room to park, traffic control, beverages, a rally shield and a bit of theatre to top it all of. All, if possible, with a bit of local sponsoring. Than, when the first shiny vehicles take in the ample parking space, they know it’s all good. The city of Zoetermeer has its own Oldtimer gathering, this year for the 16th time. Themed ‘Sixties Trucking’ there is some special attention to lorries and vans.

zoetermeer-oldtimerdag-36_27153398776_oThe route takes us to IJsselstein this time. Around half past nine the first cars leave Zoetermeer, driving through Waddinxveen, Bodegraven and Niewerbrug in the direction of IJsselstein, where the major personally stamps the necessary documents and a lot of people are out to watch the old cars coming by. After this we  meander through the Krimpenerwaard, a green oasis in this urban area, until we once more reach Zoetermeer, where a large crowd gathered to meet us. Whilst parking the cars in the historic village street your reporter, driving his trusty Volvo 1800ES, once again is pressed with his nose on the facts. ‘What kind of car is that?’, is an often heard question from the audience. Whenever someone answers ‘it’s a Volvo’ cries of disbelief rise from the crowd. ‘But this is a sportscar! Volvo’s are supposed to be square.’ I’m afraid I’m just gone have to live with it…


zoetermeer-oldtimerdag-93_27153482916_oThe fun thing about this classic gathering is the nice quality of the cars there. It’s impossible to name them all, but a stunning Maserati Quattroporte, a particularly cute Renault Dauphinois Fourgonette, a unique Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane, a very nice Citroën DS19 cabriolet and a very rare as well as stunning Bitter CD do deserve to be mentioned. Lots of respect for those who put lots of time and effort into restoring every day cars that won’t ever be worth the cost of restoration. A very nice Fiat 127 in bright yellow fitted with period Abart rims is one of the many examples. For now I leave you with the pictures. I’ll be back in 2017 for the next edition!
Text and pictures: Robbert Moree