dsc_0513_26497169190_oflag_cinecars_dutchBMW’s are what makes Bart Kuus happy, the E39 Touring especially. As a little boy he used to wash and detail his neighbours moss green stationwagon. That way he got acquainted to all the ins and outs of this particular model. Every fold, every line, the materials used, the love for BMW’s first large lifestyle break has grown deep and thorough.

When BMW introduced the fourth generation of its 5-series in 1995, they added the Touring in 1997 to the modelrange for the second time. The Touring, BMW’s nomination for the stationwagon. Not your average family hauler, no, the E39 as it is known internally, might very well be the godfather of the contemporary lifestyle break. Practical, roomy, but stylish and sporty nevertheless.

The ideal family car for people that love to drive. A real BMW, clever design, proved technics and a flawless build quality. The used materials passed the test of time, even today, almost twenty years on, they still look good and solid.


dsc_0589_26702762801_oBart Kuus can go on for hours on BMW and his personal favourit, the E39 Touring. His love for this particular BMW is so deep, three years ago he founded his company Drive to Dream. Specialised in locating and selling de best BMW’s E39 Touring on the market. Throughout Europe, from Italy to Sweden, Bart knows where to find the best examples. Always serviced by dealer or specialist, full service history and no more than 150.000 kilometers on the clock. Through his website bmwtouringkopen.nl you’ll find the Touring of your dreams for sure.


dsc_0520_26166332863_oLooking for a nice smooth diesel or a beefy V8, Bart Kuus knows exactly where to find the BMW of your dreams. One thing is certain, once you get Bart talking about his favourite BMW there is no way back. Inside a BMW E39 Touring this will never be a punishment. This car is made to lengthen the journey. Secure and in all luxury, or, whenever you feel like it, on the edge of its capabilities. That’s what they are made for, something Bart Kuus knows like no other.
text: Marc GF Zaan
pictures: Mirko Cocco, Leonie Hahn

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