Het bezitten van een Alfa Romeo is vaak niet opzich staand, het is onderdeel van een bredere passie, passie voor het leven, passie voor Italië, oog voor details en finesse, mensen met karakter die houden van een authentiek merk. Facebook maakt ons deelgenoot van diverse communities en hun DNA. Vooral Alfisti pronken wereldwijd met hun liefde voor het merk, geen geheim makend van de imperfectie die soms om de hoek komt, daar is het ze namelijk niet om te doen. Karakter, daar gaat het om.

Onderstaand het verhaal van Chris. Alfist en met twee rechterhanden en verantwoordelijk voor het op de weg houden van veel Alfa’s op Cyprus.

“Alfa Romeo is a very special brand in so many ways, with more than a century of heritage, racing history, good and bad choices, and of course lots of passionate fans.”

Before I tell you about the experience of being an Alfista in Cyprus and a few words about our Alfa Romeo Cyprus Club, we need to clarify what an Alfista really is. Alfista is a person who is passionate about cars, who buys one (or more) Alfas with his heart and not his mind, who doesn’t really care about what other people think about Alfas, and he is a bit of a romantic… 

So, in other words, not everyone who owns an Alfa is by default an Alfista. 

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In Cyprus, like most countries, Alfa Romeo is a brand you either love or hate. As an owner of a car this make, we need to put up with a lot of attitude and misconception from the rest of the society that is into cars. Unfortunately, even people who never actually owned or driven an Alfa in their live, when you mention this brand to them, they all have the same reply: “Unreliable, gas guzzlers, rust buckets”. That is the general idea in the minds of prejudiced and biased people, although that’s far from the truth. From personal and from all of our club members’ experience, those were the facts in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, where the company was facing some serious issues with questionable quality source materials and assembly processes. Four decades later and after so many successful models, one would expect this negativity to have faded in the shadow of time. But sadly, it hasn’t. People are still too afraid to buy an Alfa, or thinking of what their friends would say about them if they did. 

So here is the other side of the story. Just bought an Alfa with your heart? Welcome to petrolhead-heaven! You can now enjoy a real driver’s car, and moreover be a part of the most wonderful and friendly car club of all makes. People who share the same passion as you, who love talking about Italian innovation and flair, who always give a helping hand to the cars in need and never leave an Alfa behind, who blank out the haters and cowards and will treat you as a member of their family. This is not just a Cyprus thing, it’s a worldwide Alfisti phenomenon. 

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Road trips, track days, exhibitions, fun drives, twisty roads, it’s all there. From the throaty roar of twin carburettors to the incomparable tenor-scale melodies of the Busso V6 and NORD engines echoing to motoring heaven, back and beyond, at the end of the day you have a huge smile on your face and a good bunch of friends who share the same passion as you. Maybe it’s because Alfas and their respectful owners are widely misunderstood. Maybe it’s because we all have the same pleasant disease called “Alfaritis”, or maybe it’s because “posers” and narrow minded people tend to buy other car brands, leaving the Alfisti family uninfected. 

All we know is that all Alfisti feel the satisfaction at its peak when driving their beloved Alfa Romeo and despite the fact that they probably won’t give you the best “Miles per Gallon”, they will most definitely give you the most “Smiles per Mile”! 

Chris Michaelides

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