Following motor cycles and bubble cars Iso Rivolta now transforms to a sports car manufacturer. CineCars brings you part three of The Iso Rivolta Chronicles; GT300, The Ideal Gran Turismo.

Iso Rivolta was a pioneering Italian automotive brand in the 1950s and -60s. It was a family business led by engineer Renzo Rivolta, who, in the late 40s, decided to transform his firm from producing fridges to creating motorcycles. Rivolta was right; during the 50s, Italian motorcycle production was booming, led by Piaggio’s Vespa, Innocenti’s Lambretta and of course Iso Moto. He then changed his business to automobiles. From city cars, like the Isetta bubble car, to luxury sports cars with big American V8 muscle.

The GT300 is the result of Giotto Bizzarrini’s technical expertise and Renzo Rivolta’s idea on how a Gran Turismo should be: comfortable, reliable and luxurious. Bizzarrini and Raggi leave the usual technical solutions of GT’s of that era be and go their own way. Many of the solutions adopted for the GT are later used in all the other sports cars made by Iso. They develop a new monocoque design chassis, that allows the car to be more rigid without additional weight. The car is fitted with independent front suspension and a DeDion tube in the rear. They opt for disc brakes on all four corners, with the rear ones mounted inboard to reduce unsprang weight.

The Iso GT represents a further transformation for Iso Rivolta. From producing refrigerators, then motorbikes and small utility cars, now, with no intermediate steps, they begin approaching luxury sports cars. A bold development, to say the least.

The Iso Rivolta Chronicles is the first series produced by CineCars’ Italian counterpart An Italian Garage. They are an independent production studio, specialized in automotive videos, aiming for a series of single-topic seasons. This summer CineCars will bring you the full series of The Iso Rivolta Chronicles in HD. Stay tuned for more classic Italian engineering.
Marc GF Zaan