Touring the captivating Italian countryside, enjoying la dolce vita in one of the many picturesque little towns and finding quiet nights in the country. This is how you do it!

Visiting the most beautiful towns by daytime and recover in the finest oasis by night. For us that might very well be the perfect combination. We tracked down three lovely accommodations situated less then an hour from at least two inspiring Italian cities.

Sienna & Arezzo

Ten years ago Dutch girl Suzanne and her Italian boo Fabio had had it with their hectic city lives. After a long search they found this old building, beautifully located amidst the Tuscan vineyards. In two years time they managed to revive the place into Bed & Breakfast Follonico. Now this is a wonderful place to stay. Follonico is less than an hours drive away from both Arezzo and Sienna. The rooms have a stylish industrial look, combined with the lovely flower garden it all turns into a dreamy ‘out of this world’ atmosphere. Be warned, this is one of those places you will we reminiscing of on those dark winter nights.

Perugia & Assisi

Hidden in the green hills of Umbria you’ll find this nice hideout. With both Perugia and Assisi nearby, this is the perfect base to visit the area. Keen to visit a third town while your there? We strongly recommend Spoleto. At Borgo di Pianciano you’ll find three types of accommodation. They all share that typical rustic country style, but in totally different price ranges. The estate has been in the hands of the Bachetoni family since 1911. A name that rings a bell? Quite possible, since Borgo di Pianciano is one of the most important olive farms in the region! And might you be traveling down there in Autumn, you’re in for another treat. Autumn is truffle season over in Umbria, one on the many trumps of the Borgo di Pianciano.

The Pianciano hamlet near Spoleto in Italy.

Lecce & Otranto

Paolo Caputo, famous Milan architect, is responsible for the design of the Masseria Acquadolce. He transformed the ancient farmers fortress, after it had been derelict for over half a century, into an exotic paradise with a tasteful ethnic interior. Amongst the palm trees, cactuses and orange trees you imagine yourself being alone in the world. From the roof terrace you can oversee the wide countryside surrounding the Masseria. On hot afternoons you hide from the blistering sun under the olive trees or in the magnificent swimming pool. It’s only an hours drive from Masseria Acquadolce to the historic center of the beautiful town of Lecce of just stroll into the center of Otranto.

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