IMG_7817flag_cinecars_dutchSocial media being the main force behind the CineCars community has never really been a secret. Contacts, inspiration and fixing appointments, with the help of the World Wide Web CineCars and its target group find each other effortlessly. This time Belgian Rally legend Guy Moerenhout takes us to the ASA event on the Monza circuit for an intriguing weekend of Italian rally history.

IMG_7906Guy Moerenhout earned his tracks in the international rally world. His name firmly attached to that of Abarth, legendary tuner of everything Italian car manufacturers unleashed in the sixties and seventies. This weekend he arrived at Monza bringing two cars from his museum collection, one of them being a replica of the quite extraordinary Fiat 131 Mirafiori diesel rally beast. The way he toys the car around the circuit, emphasized on the qualities of both driver and machine. Despite the off road tires, which aren’t directly the best choice for racing a sunny tarmac as Monza’s, the ride and performance of this Abarth creation is a blast, even for the co-pilot. The wide grin on Guy’s face leaves no space for doubt about his feelings for his preferred make.IMG_7889

IMG_7876CineCars en Guy Moerenhout have been a golden combination ever since the beginning of our internet adventure. Our crew has been more than welcome to shoot some of the brilliant pieces in his Abarth Museum twice now. This invitation for the ASA event coinciding with a film job in Italy is too much a coincidence not to take advantage of. Since we are there anyway, it will only take us one more day in Italy. The weather is perfect and, belief us or not, we are staying at a ten minute distance of the Monza circuit. After a very hectic week, in which we drove across Italy all the way to Sardinia to shoot footage, this Saturday morning we enter the Autodromo di Monza, looking for our Belgian friend.


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IMG_7986The pits are scattered with Alfa Romeo’s, Lancia’s, Abarth’s and Fiats. The atmosphere is relaxed, typical Italian. Room for relaxed conversations and of course look, look, look. At the very specific details of the many very special rally cars. However misplaced they might feel here on this racing tarmac. And there are quite a few dream cars to be spotted. A beautiful Alfa Romeo GTV which looks to be entering the muddiest of fields any minute now, a fantastic collection of Lancia’s, of which the Martini-series and a number of Stratosses enchant the audience. Despite all that, the number of visitors seems a bit disappointing. Sadly, since the many legendary Italian made masterpieces look very welcoming. A unique opportunity to get, newly, acquainted with the rally world of the days.


IMG_8021The disappointing visitor numbers don’t seem to influence the event itself. The feel is great, the people there all seem to know each other, many of them being family of former drivers and/or mechanics. Guy clearly is an insider in this world, knowing many of the people there. A quick chat here, a jolly thump on the shoulder there. We end the day enjoying a cold brew between the Formula 3 cars. A dad and his little girl enter one of the Abarth’s to do a few more laps on the track… A truly relaxing Saturday afternoon in Monza.
text and pictures: Mirko Cocco
translation: Marc GF Zaan