Swedish DelightChris’s love for Saab doesn’t come as a surprise. Just like his parents he chooses for the brand by buying a Saab 96 as his first car. The car being just not in as perfect a knick as he expected, he soon got acquainted to other Saab drivers on his everlasting quest for parts and support.
Bit by bit his passion for the brand grew, he even became part of a club of young friends driving Saabs. Chris fell for the make indefinitely, Saab’s being timelessly elegant and nice to drive.

The Saab Sonnet II might be one of the oddest numbers in the Saab family. Once designed specifically for the North-Swedish DelightAmerican market, it was produced in very small numbers only.

The Saab Sonnet was introduced on the 16th of March 1956. The Sonett I, also known al the Saab 94, supported a three cilinder 748cc two stroke engine. Succeeding the Saab Sonnet I, a roadster with a production span of only six cars, the Saab Sonnet II was introduced.
Again a two seater sports car with the same two stroke engine, although this time the bodywork was styled a coupé rather than an open roadster. Two prototypes were developed, the Saab MFI13 by the Malmö Flygindustri and the Saab Catherina (with a targa style roof) by Sixten Sason. The MFI13 got the job.

Swedish Delight

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Swedish Delight


In 1966 a slightly modified MFI13 rolled of the production line at ASJ in Arlöv as the Saab 97 – that year they would produce no more than 28 examples and another 230 in 1967. The bodywork was made of reinforced plastic (fiberglass and polyester) and the chassis was steel.
The car came with a roll bar as standard. Like with British peers as the Triumph Spitfire and the Jaguar E-type the entire bonnet flipped to the front to give full accessibility to engine, gearbox and suspension.

16938967199_19690aff96_kThe engine was a three cilinder two stroke engine boosting 45 kW (60 hp). The Sonnet II reached 100 km/h in 12,5 seconds and a top speed of 150 km/h. The car sports the looks of a fast sports car and for some even the face of a Ferrari Dino, but the two stroke rattle clearly gives away this is a shortened Saab 96 with a pepped up engine.
Chris is really content with his little Saab and the community that comes with it. No longer gentlemen in corduroy pants stuffing their pipe with Clan tobacco, but youngsters from very much varying descent sharing that one passion: Saab!