Where pimply adolescents and suckers for the latest technology come together: The Super Car Sunday at Circuit Zandvoort shows what dreams are made of.

Long before the gates of Super Car Sunday open, hordes of youngsters are waiting at Circuit Zandvoorts tunnel. Eager not to miss anything they got up really early this morning. To get just that little closer to their ultimate dream they made the effort to get out of bed in time for once. That one super car, the one that’s been decorating the wall above their beds for years, it’ll be here today. To bee seen in the flesh, heard and smelled. Touched even. This is where the cars gather that spark the dreams of both children and engineers. Super Cars will always remain the playground of the automotive world.

In a time where the automobile is more and more condemned, it still remains the center of many dreams of a prosperous future. Not all that weird, considering the status cars bring to their owner, the super car being the highest level one can possibly reach. Better, faster and extremer than anything else in the world. Your friends will look up to you, all the girls will want to come for a ride. In your wildest fantasies you get into your amazing car and steal the show wherever you’ll go. Wishful thinking? Super Car Sunday is there to feed the imagination. Dozens of the most exclusive sports cars have gathered to wow the many visitors to the event. The vast crowds are waiting for the cars to arrive at the paddock. Camera’s clicking without pausing, just to capture all that beauty for later at home. On their way to the inner circle of the track none of the owners can withstand the urge to put the pedal to the metal and make the engine roar in the tunnels tube. There is this one time when we can’t withhold our smile, when after a lot of raw racket a tiny Fiat 500 appears. Not a bog standard one of course, those Abarth logo’s clearly aren’t just for show.

The automotive world has always known its super cars. For those who didn’t have to take a budget into consideration, cars where made that rose way above mainstream. Larger, faster, more luxurious and more comfortable. Ettore Bugatti built them, but a make like Spyker sure did too. Bentley and Rolls Royce still do today. Famous coach builders built the most extravagant creations on chassis’ by Hispano Suizo or Isotta Fraschini. After World War Two their seat was filled by the high tech of the mostly Italian sports car brands. Super Cars represent the summun of engineering, the latest novelties are incorporated. Huge twelve cilinder engines between the axles, the most exotic materials, everything to shift the boundaries of specifications and luxury. Super Cars are miles ahead in the development of the automobile. That alone is enough reason to admire them with all our heart.

Things to dream about a plenty today at Circuit Zandvoort. Fans know all types and models, recite specs and merits without blinking an eye. A little boy jumps up and down, jerking his fathers trouser leg with great enthousiasm, ‘look daddy, it’s an Aston Martin, and over there, a Lamborghini’. Total overload. Those who own the cars love the attention their cars get them. After all, that once was the reason to buy one of these in the first place. Does it live on, the dream, or does it fade away like ice melting in the sun, once the car finally hits the drive way? We ask some of the owners, their answer is unanimous, yes, the childlike longing ends, but the for filling of the childhood dream still has been the biggest kick in their career. Getting into your very own super car, starting the engine and hearing that magnificent sound coming to life when you hit the throttle, it remains heart warming.

It isn’t all that hard to believe them. When at the end of the day we start the engine of our reasonably priced saloon car, in our fantasy we hear the roar of eight more cilinders. Because the dream never ends, albeit we’ve become grown up children long time ago.
Martin Philippo