dsc_5498 flag_cinecars_dutchLamborghini, exotic and legendary. Born from stubbornness, from the conviction ‘I can do better than that’. The Goodwood Revival shows us the fruit of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s pigheadedness.

The whole ‘back in time’ experience of the Goodwood Revival carries a long way. There is a genuine replica of the renown Ears Court, famous for the London Motor Show for one. The exposition this year shows us an impressive collection of Lamborghini’s. The most stunning works of art of Italian ‘tractor builder’ Ferruccio Lamborghini. They might not be very British, these Italian beauties, but for those who know the history of the Lamborghini sports car, the link to many an eccentric small British make can’t be missed. What you do yourself, you usually do better. Well at Maranello they soon found out.


dsc_5494After the World War 2 farmers son Ferruccio Lamborghini returns to his sleepy village of Renazzo. Devoid of any form of green fingers, he throws himself at the mechanisation of farming. From old derelict army material he starts to create small tractors. Something the farmers around him can put to good use. One thing leads to another, the word of Ferruccio’s products build quality soon spread, and in 1949 he founds his own tractor building company. Soon he is the largest tractor manufacturer in Italy. Lamborghini founds one corporation after the other, all of them highly successful. His will to undertake makes him a wealthy man. His lifestyle develops accordingly. One of his joys in life is driving fast sportscars. His stable includes English as well as German and Italian pedigree.

dsc_5499In 1960 one of Lamborghini’s shiny new Ferrari’s is back at the factory once again. For the fourth time technical issues drive him mad. Clutch problems it is, this time. During an unexpected encounter with Enzo Ferrari, Ferruccio puts down his grief. Ferrari simply tells him to stick to his tractors and leave the real thing to the specialists. Lamborghini is at rage. He swears he’ll show Ferrari what it is all about. For real. In ample three months time he designs and builds an unprecedented prototype. He brings in Giotto Bizzarrini to design an engine for his sportscar. He comes up with a highly modern engine putting out 360 blazing horses. Or would raging bulls be more appropriate in this context? No doubt Enzo Ferrari will have blinked at least twice when he was confronted with the Lamborghini 350 GTV at the Geneva Motor Show.



dsc_5547No need to be secretive about the enormous amount of succes the car became. For the next forty years the rampant horses of Ferrari would he highly stressed by Lamborghini’s raging bulls. Goodwood managed to bring together a magnificent collection. Besides some of the early tractors, like the Lamborghini FL4 Furlonger from 1961, its mainly the supercars that draw all the attention. Some Miura’s, amongst which a Lamborghini Miura Jota from 1967, a later Lamborghini Concept S form 2005, brought by Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A themselves, but also the car which name Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson found so hard to pronounce, the Murcielago. Goodwood shows us one more time the beauty that lies in stubbornness and character.
Text and pictures: Robbert Moree
Translation: Marc GF Zaan

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