On the Sorrentine coast, just South of Naples, you’ll find the boutique hotel of your dreams, a place you’ll easily spend five days. Let us take you there.

More and more dreary hotels, where every room is a carbon copy of the next, are replaced by charming boutique hotels, a popular term for hotels that have a luxury, quirky but yet intimate atmosphere and usually aren’t connected to hotel chains. Boutique hotels are characterized by their very own, personal style and accommodation. Flowery curtains are banned and renowned architects and interior designers employed. One of the forerunners of the current generation boutique hotels is the Sorrentine Maison La Minervetta, which caused quite a stir amongst the hotel scene when it opened in 2005.

Maison La Minervetta is situated at a little more than an hours drive South of Naples, directly on the Golfo di Napoli. On your way there, you’ll be driving through the volcanic landscape beneath Mount Vesuvius. A visit to the volcano and the buried city of Pompeii are more than imminent. South of Pompeii the coastal road, squeezed in between the Parco Regionale dei Monti Lattare and the Golfo di Napoli, is West bound heading for the peninsula, where you’ll reach your destination just passed the town of Sorrento. The view over the bay is breathtaking, as is the appearance of Maison La Minervetta.

It is no coincidence Maison La Minervetta is one of the trendsetting boutique hotels. It’s not just the interior design that is completely the opposite of any average hotel, it’s the layout of the place as well. For reception you head to the top floor, whilst the rooms are located on the four floors beneath it. Breakfast is served at the fifth floor, where in a cosy kitchen style dining room you’ll be treated with orange juice, breakfast serials, fresh fruit, biological yoghurt and plates filled with an endless amount of cakes and sweet buns. Not yet satisfied? You can always have your egg cooked to your personal likings. And all of that complimented with that amazing sea view.

The entire hotel breaths colour and life. Thanks to local architect and interior designer Marco de Luca, you are drenched in a colourful mix of red, white and blue, complimented with many eclectic accessories and cheerful tiling. It’s that combination of colour and unique artifacts under the Mediterranean sun that creates an atmosphere that instantly makes everyone happy. Despite the beautiful surroundings, the magnificent view and the many trumps of the hinterland, you’ll never want to leave again. Here truly everyone can feel great.
Agnes Nijholt / Marc GF Zaan