Speed, Love and Pure ArtAbarth, the legend lives on! The mark with the scorpion has a rich history. Carlo Abarth’s passion for speed and innovation was very successful in international motorsports. Making fame with a concept that was always slightly better than the competition.

All this knowledge and experience live on in his mark. Always strongly related to the Fiat company, but in the past certainly with other makes that have sport, speed, beauty and excellent design in their DNA too. The heritage of the mark, the personality and the contemporary brand experience, were CineCars’ inspiration to make a number of specials on Abarth. Let us take you to Guy Moerenhout’s Abarth Works Museum.


Guy is well known as a successful rally driver and extremely passionate about Abarth. In a relatively short period he set to build a grand collection of various Abarth models and cars  affiliated to the brand. The approximately 180 cars counting collection is open for the public, treating the visitor on an enormous amount of beauty. The passion for the mark and its history is hard to deny during a visit to the museum. It is Guy’s ultimate goal to transfer the knowledge and engineering to young people. His enthousiasm carries you away, giving you the ultimate brand experience.


The rich and sportive history of Abarth brought us many beautiful things, following the design of its era. The curvy lines from the cars of the fifties and sixties are mixed with the straight lines of later years. The times where Italian coach builders bolted their bodyworks on existing chassis’ is followed by a period where Fiat’s model strategy became the standard. 

1073055_687441457975366_236734653_oBased on these Fiats special creations were constructed, as well as homologation models with the Abarth logo fitted on the bonnet. Where the design of the car changed over the years, the Abarth philosophy remained the same. Motorsport successes never seized, even today Abarth models are very successful in various heritage classes.


Guy demonstrates us the 131 Abarth. A true rally-beast with a service record to match. With his experience as a rally driver it’s no problem to take this car to its limits. Light, powerful, agile, magnificent road holding and the characteristic Bertone design make this a genuine example of seventies Abarth style. Guy’s car is one of the first examples of this particular model and the origin of a few world titles. A piece of rolling cultural heritage!

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Guy and his crew work very hard to restore, maintain and conserve the various cars. Thus presenting us a collection with an enormous variety of cars. Ranging from complete restoration projects to pristine examples. However they’re not just Abarth and Fiat based cars. The rich history of Fiat and the many alliances from the past make sure Guy’s collection consists of various makes and models that somehow share some DNA.


Today Abarth is very much alive. The mark produces new models and people like Guy make sure the heritage of this gorgeous sporty brand is being transferred to a new generation. Enjoy the work of a true enthousiast and ambassador of the Abarth legacy.

Dennis Rietveld