Once a year there are no marshals to maintain order in the pit lane, but a bunch of boys and girls. On Dream Car Day Circuit Zandvoort is dedicated to the children.

Today we have another event at the Zandvoort race track. Something is a little different though. This time it is not about who reaches the finish line first. Today everyone is a winner. Those who participate earn there spot on the podium anyway. Today is the yearly Dream Car Day. A day organised to fulfil child wishes. Today children with a nasty disease are offered the possibility to enjoy the ride of their lifetime in one of the many present dream cars. A bright array of vehicles is being driven around by a feisty bunch of owners who have at least one thing in common; they all have their heart in the right place. From every corner of the country they travelled to Zandvoort just to open the doors of their great cars to those who would love to take a ride.

There are fire trucks, police cars, racing cars, super cars, to much to mention. The kids have been truly looking forward to this and are hastily looking for a spot in their favourite car model. No worries when they don’t succeed first time, after all they do have all day. A fire truck with screaming sirens, a gigantic Paris Dakar rally truck, the engine of a Lamborghini whining, the children all love it. And when they do get tired of all the racket, they can retreat in a quieter place, where they can make drawings on a real car or drink all they can handle at the pop up restaurant in one of the pit boxes. After which they will soon return to the pit lane, because, well, there are still so many options to choose from. Even more arriving all the time.

CineCars loves to write about the emotions that come with driving a motorcar. Today isn’t any different. The enthusiasm on the faces of these children is priceless, these smiling faces say it all. It is easy to spot the healthy stress caused by having to put on a helmet. That helmet is the finishing touch when being driven around a race track in a genuine racing car. You see the sheer enjoyment when they’re getting inside that red Ferrari. A genuine Ferrari! You can see the ecstasy when, once inside, the five stud harness is being fastened. That is quite something different compared to mommies car. It is a great thing to glance into the eyes of these boys and girls just for a second. It doesn’t take a second to see the effect of being able to leave the rut of being ill for just a while. To forget the everlasting pain or the restrictions in movement you have to live with. To be in seventh heaven just for today. These are eyes sparkling like stars they are.

The participants are overcome by emotions too. It is quite clear they are proud to be a part of this, to be actively involved. ‘It feels good to do my part’, the owner of a Porsche confides to us, ‘after all I don’t own the thing just for my own pleasure’. It is obvious we didn’t forget to talk to the little stars of today. A little boy tells us he and his dad just had a ride in that blue car and that he went really, really, really fast. He is ecstatic, that much is clear. No time to waste, he’s already pulling his fathers trouser leg. ‘Come on, dad, there he is again.’ Because after all, who can resist a ride in a fire truck?
Martin Philippo