Yes, we know, the title is spelled all wrong. Or is it? Let us take you on a trip abroad with the CineCars production team.

Regular CineCars videos are usually single car, one day ventures. This time we set out for an epic three car, one day shoot. In the Swiss Alps, just to top things of. Invited by opera singer Bruno von Nünlist we drove to Switzerland to perform the impossible; shooting three cars from his collection of fine British motorcars in one single day. Sounds like a plan to you? We thought so.

How to commence on an adventure like this? Given that the average shooting of a CineCars video takes about 3 to 4 hours of actual filming. Think static interviewing, taking detailed shots of the car in a carefully chosen background and of course shooting the car on the go from every possible angle. It takes time to prepare, find the right angle, setting, lighting and so on. Just to depict a certain car in a certain way, circumstances should be as close to perfect as possible, which is already a hell of a job when there is only one car on the agenda. Today we have three, so there is no time to waste. We just need to make everything work for us.

At the break of dawn we try to capture the sunrise over beautiful Lake Hallwyl. Gallons of strong black coffee are needed to get the focus right. Concentration takes over as soon as the camera’s emerge from their respective casings. This is serious business. The early hours of the day bring blue skies and long, icy shadows. The promise of a beautiful day. Hidden in our winter coats we shiver in the April morning. Anxiously monitoring the rapidly deteriorating battery time of our gear in these circumstances. The period correct tailored wool suit of our host hardly sufficient to survive outside the warm surroundings of the leather and wood clad interior of the Bentley we try to capture on film.

banner breed cc films-1

By the time we are ready for the second car it is noon. The sun is high up in the sky providing an unforgivably harsh light on the shiny black paint of the Aston Martin that is next. We do not have a choice, there is no time to waste. A quick sandwich on the go is all we’ve got time for, before the drone is ready for take of once again. Traffic on the open road keeps interfering with our need for the perfect shot. The treacherous winds on the slopes make it difficult to shoot from the air. The brightness of the sunlight challenges the capabilities of both equipment and cameraman. The view on the lake and the snow covered Alps in the background easily make up for that.

Three tired men pull themselves together to shoot the last car for today. Evening rush hour gobbles up the 1960’s Jaguar in the now rapidly fading light. The headlights follow like prying eyes through the darkened woodlands on the hills surrounding Lake Hallwyl. Another challenge for the craftsmanship of the crew. Their only goal to present the beauty of the car in true CineCars style. While the sun sets over the lake, some final footage is shot. Alluring details captured for eternity. One last piece of interview. The shared love for these fine vehicles celebrated with a well deserved beer, a hearty hot meal and pleasant conversation amongst new found friends. Tomorrow brings the long way home. A road to new adventures.
Marc GF Zaan