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In 1957 Lancia introduces the successor of its top class model, the all new Flaminia. CineCars brings you a very special example of the Flaminia Berlina.

He might well be the biggest Lancia adept of The Netherlands, Dick Jansen. Earlier we saw him and his father reach for glory in a movie on the Lancia Lambda. Through his dad Theo, Dick became a perfervid Lancia collector. Together with his brothers and nephews he tracks down special Lancia’s, to then spend hundreds of hours tinkering and restoring them to their former glory. This time Dick presents us a 1957 Lancia Flaminia Berlina, a Flaminia with a very rich heritage indeed, as we find out on the go.

The attentive onlooker will undoubtedly notice the Flaminia’s similarities with contemporaries like the Peugeot 404 and the Austin Cambridge. All three being Pininfarina designs there for won’t surprise anyone. At Lancia the Flaminia replaces the Aurelia, becoming the new top of the range, ruling from 1957 up til 1970. Technically speaking it is actually an upgraded Aurelia. An upgraded chassis, all new front suspension and a new version of the ground breaking V6 engine from the Aurelia. Besides all these technical changes made by the new technical director, Antonio Fessia, the newcomer has a brand new body. Berlina and Coupé drawn by Pininfarina, GT and Convertible by Touring. In an early stage the Berlina even had suicide doors planned, but the production model obtained doors that move in the way we are used to today. The high build quality and the materials used are indirectly leading to the end of Lancia as an independent car manufacturer.

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The Flaminia of the Jansen family reads like an adventure story. The car has only served a small number of families through the years, so it comes with a full history. Purchased new in Italy in 1957, the car was then shipped to Malawi in Southern Africa. In Malawi it was used as the executive car at the tea plantation of its Italian owner. After ten years of use, the car was sold to an English family and another ten years later to yet another English family. After using the car in Africa for quite some years, they took it with them when they returned back to Good Old Blighty. The car has been in The Netherlands for quite some years now, receiving a lot of urgent tender love and care. The dry Malawi climate didn’t quite preserve the car as well as you might have expected. Something Dick and his family only found out once the car was shipped to The Netherlands. After years of careful restoration, the car is now being thoroughly enjoyed by the entire Jansen clan. This Malawaian Flaminia is beyond any doubt the one Lancia these gentlemen would prefer to use as a daily driver anytime.