dsc_0214flag_cinecars_dutchWhat is more beautiful than love? Sharing your classic motor with the person you’d leave everything behind for!

Lies De Mol is photographer. And a damn good one too. Lies De Mol is also in love with Bart Lenaerts, automotive journalist and classic car enthousiast from Antwerp. Like the ancient saying tells us, those who lie down with dogs, will get up with fleas. In the meantime both of them intoxicated with the car virus, together they create the most wonderful articles and magazines. To do so they travel about in style, using their magnificently aged 1967 Mark I Jaguar E-type.

dsc_0307Professionally, Lies and Bart have a go on the most exotic automobiles. Nothing is ever too far fetched, which has kind of become their trade mark. Celebrating the fiftieth birthday of the Lamborghini Miura by taking an opposite view on the celebratory stamp that had been issued for the occasion is just an example of that. Someone put a car on a stamp? Great, lets deliver the mail in one of those cars. Simply just because it is possible. Some people become blasé when they get used to a world of glitter and glamour that might not be theirs. Not Lies and Bart, they remain aversely to the world of perfectionism and playing safe. Hence their love for the Jaguar.

dsc_0292It’s not the most perfect example and it sure isn’t the best car in the world. It still is one of the most beautiful cars though, especially in the guise of this early Fixed head Coupé. It’s the whims and shortcomings that make a car like this so attractive. The symbioses of gorgeous styling and simple, brute force do make the Jaguar E-type, especially the six cilinder model, unique in its class. It was, back in the sixties and it still is. It’s a car for hoodlums, a car to spit the big boys in the eye with. Not just empty phrases, but a bloody clear message to all. That is what Bart loves so much about his Jaguar. That is why Lies shares this love unconditionally.
Marc GF Zaan

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