goodwood-marc-2flag_cinecars_dutchLong black shadows cast over the legendary circuit on the eve of the notorious Goodwood Revival. Just before nightfall the setting September sun bathes the venue in a fairytale atmosphere.

Atmosphere, undoubtedly the quintessence of the Goodwood Revival. The reliving of the good ol’ days of motorsports, a celebration for classic car enthousiasts and lovers of historic racing in particular. Creating atmosphere is something the English are capable of like no other. The dress code is crystal clear, the circuits’ decoration leaves no room for doubt either, those who visit the Goodwood Revival find themselves in the period of resurrection, progress and unprecedented prosperity that characterised the first few decades after the Second World War. Nothing is left to chance, there is no room for misfits. The illusion is complete.


goodwood-marc-27During the Revival, Goodwood is packed with tweed and petticoats. Those who fail to be upper class take back on the casual look of racing drivers or the overalls of the mechanics. As long as they are in style. No stereotype is left untouched, no trodden path untrodden. And everybody is up for it. Contestants, visitors, when you come here, you do it in style. That’s what makes the Goodwood Revival what it is; a pastiche of its own history. Caricature like, but with a flair unequaled by any other event. The fairy tale completed, a refuge for time travellers, a safe haven in a decaying world.

goodwood-marc-29A Utopia without the threat of mines closing, disastrous strikes paralysing the nation and crippling the industry. Blighty’s hegemony as a global power being slowly but irreversibly broken. The Goodwood Revival is a Dickensian story without the shadowy parts, it’s Shakespeare without drama. It is how the Brexiteers imagine their future. All the good things of yesteryear, without taking the degrading inequality, the poverty and the uncertain future into the equation. It is Britain Live on Stage, Little Britain almost, it is exactly how us Continentals picture Great Britain.

goodwood-marc-43And we love it! The Goodwood Revival is the place to be for every self-respecting car enthousiast. Whether you love the British quirkyness, some serious historic racing or just fairy tales, Goodwood should definitely be on your bucket list. A getaway from the everyday ratrace, the hectic world surrounding us. Submerging in a fantasy world that simply can’t be true, but still is.
Text: Marc GF Zaan
Pictures: Robbert Moree
Check our updates and the official live stream during the event 9th – 11th September 2016 here on CineCars.