Reaching a holiday destination is often a journey on its own. Especially when you travel in a classic or young timer you willfully choose for the occasion. Martin Phillippo drove his Saab to Scotland.

‘The automobile was made to travel. Everything else is either an emergency or doesn’t really matter.’ Frau Bertha Benz is the first, when in 1888 she takes on a long distance journey in the car her husband constructed. Real pioneering, buying petrol at the local drugstore, cleaning the spark plug every other mile or so and constantly greasing the engine, but the ride from Mannheim to Pforzheim is completed. Since then, traveling has become much easier and the modern world has turned adventurous driving into pleasantly traveling by motorcar.

The car we set out on our journey with is a Saab 900 of the second generation. At its introduction it was destined to make forget the infamous 900 Classic. An impossible task. With its 21 years of experience it has barely grown up, the 300.000 kilometers on the clock prove it is still in full blossom. A genuine young timer combining the comfort of modern engineering with a classic look. Nice and self willed, something we like here at CineCars. General Motors presented the factory with a platform to work from, but the technicians at Saab turned it into a car of their own. Everything is more durable and safer, like it is to be expected from Saab. This makes the Saab a true traveling companion, robust, comfy and spacious to say the least. Perfect for our journey.

Our destination is Scotland, land of mountains and lochs. Of men in kilts and of smokey Whisky. The country of descending clouds and haggis. But most of all Scotland is a country with great driving roads. None of them are straight and traffic is near to non-existant. On our journey we visit the isle of Arran. A small piece of Scotland where you can get lost in time for a while. Through the complete absence of a modern road system, we enjoy S-turns being followed by hairpins with descents up to 20 percent. You could of course choose the ‘larger’ road by the coast, but we preferred the even smaller back roads. It is near impossible for two cars to cross and mobile phone coverage is complete science fiction, that’s how far you are from modern society. Besides the rumble of the engine the excited giggle of the driver is all you hear out here. We dream about closing down the island for a weekend to really enjoy driving here. Isn’t that how they once started on the isle of Man?

The Saab takes us along the roads to Scotland and back with ease. It provides us with shelter against the heavy rains as well. Scotland is well known for that, so we weren’t disappointed there. To our luck we have plenty days with sunshine, allowing us to enjoy the fabulous views. When near the end of our journey we sip our whisky at the bank of Loch Lomond we are sure, Scotland is a beautiful country to visit and travel. Cars and Bonnie Scotland were made for one another. We barely manage not to burst into a crooked version of Old Lang Syne, but we do make plans for a return visit at that very moment. Until next time!
Martin Phillippo