The history of a modern state explained through the used police cars, that’s the surprising angle of the five episode series Le Pantere Della Polizia Italiana.

These are times of fear and social and political unrest. History repeating itself? With ‘Le Pantere della Polizia Italiana’ CineCars digs deep into the origin of the 20th century western society. Society as we know it is being threatened by mechanisms we individuals can’t grasp. In 2016 the CineCars community made its very first longer documentary. A movie on the rise of modern Italy in post second world war Europe. An intriguing story on the impact of fear and terror on a society in full expansion. On geo-political development, crime and not least the role of the fast growing automobility. Because we should take lessons out of the things that passed.

Ricordando Mio Padre | Le Pantere Della Polizia Italiana | Ep3


A Ferrari with a license to kill. Stuff movies are made of. So we did. CineCars brings you the intriguing story of Armando Spatafora, the legendary Roman police driver. Famous for his high speed chases, legendary for the amount of villains he put behind bars. A true hero of a new era. Policeman, high speed driver and family man. In that particular order, what else. The sound of a 12 cilinder engine roaring through Roman nights, protecting civilians from the dangers of modern society. Imagine the man behind the wheel being your father. CineCars spoke to Carmen Spatafora, daughter of a true legend. 


Ricordando Mio Padre | Le Pantere Della Polizia Italiana | Ep3The greatest legend of them all, the ultimate Pantera, the Ferrari 250 GT/E dressed up as a high speed pursuit police car. It’s not just a myth, it truly existed. From 1962 up until 1969 the Roman branch of the Polizia di Stato really did use a Ferrari to catch villains. The GT/E is the 2+2 version of Ferrari’s successful 250 range. Although there is no real space in the rear to take captured crooks back to the station, the 3 liter V12 Colombo engine sure has the potential to catch up with the most slippery of thieves. Lightweight, fast and agile, this sleekest of Pantere’s caught them all.


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