Real men don't cry

Here at CineCars we still have petrol running through our veins. Leaded and so high on octane we wouldn’t like to get caught by the rozzers. Next your confronted with this movie that has nothing to do with classic cars. Or does it? Old fashioned heroism with a capital H!

SPA_HANDBIKE_ZANARDIThere is a distinct difference between a bitter grimace and a broad smile. Still these are exactly the two expressions on the face of former F1 driver Alex Zanardi that create the atmosphere in this movie. For exactly sixty minutes you’re watching the breathtaking story of the ROAL Racing Team preparing to excel in the 2015 24H race at Spa-Francorchamps. It painfully points out the impossible task this once-off team set for itself. The unusually short preparation time, the lack of 24H-racing experience amongst the drivers and the never before seen mix of two valid and one invalid racing driver sharing the same car.

SPA_RACE_PIT_STOP_TYREOne thing is pretty clear, the title of the movie is very well chosen. Where racing cars does not leave any room for chance, the dimension added by the presence of Alessandro Zanardi boards at the impossible. Trusting to accomplish just that what no one would ever think possible. The persistency of a team acting as the lengthening piece of a man who thinks the impossible possible. Or how to put a legless racing driver in a car that has to fit two abled drivers as well. Brake pedal to far of, he’ll just screw on a longer leg. He will, you know.

SPA_RACE_ONBOARD_SPENGLERJust looking at this movie you can’t but have great respect for what you see. Even without any foreknowledge you can’t escape the grandeur, or is it the madness, of things happening here. You can’t but be swept away by the wave of positive energy Zanardi pushes in front of him. That same energy he uses to win over the hearts of the very professional ROAL Racing Team. The energy that makes him look but forward despite all obvious restrictions. Pointing all noses in one direction. With a naturel that surprises even themselves.

SPA_DRIVERS_PARADE_SELFIEThe picture is perfect. The images, the atmosphere, behind the scenes of the racing world, the story behind the man, the team, their goal. Afterwards you ask yourself what you didn’t see. So many things not shown. Hard to say if you missed out on something. If possible. For exactly sixty minutes you’re looking at the victory of a man over himself. Of this man’s victory. Wonder about his perseverance. Or not really. Alex Zanardi’s story, the man Alex Zanardi, drags you into a race that turns every heart into that of a full-blown sports fanatic!

Marc GF Zaan
NO LIMITS – Impossible is just a word

J001_C063_0611BSA movie by Tim Hahne starring Timo Glock, Bruno Spengler and Alessandro Zanardi
60 minutes
A Stereoscreen production