23-05 Polizia Poster
Hilversum, May 23, 2016

CineCars Live-Premiere: Le Pantera Della Polizia Italiana

Saturday night the 28 of May, CineCars takes a giant leap in its booming career. The lively web community around film maker and car enthousiast Mirko Cocco is going live with its presentation of their first documentary; Le Pantere Della Polizia Italiana. A unique movie on the history of motorisation of the Italian state police. Crowdfunded and with the willing help of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Italy, the Dutch embassy in Rome and the Museo delle auto della Polizia di Stato, CineCars brings you an incisive insight in the evolution of a 20th century country through the eyes of an unexpected beholder.

23027687873_33b365596f_oSince 2013 CineCars has been in the spotlight becoming a well known online community for petrolheads and all round classic car lovers around the world. Making unusual movie portraits of car enthousiasts and their beloved automobile, tasty photo reports of renowned and less known events and unique stories from the now and then in the classic scene, they gathered a worldwide fan base that knows no equal. All of this results in the live online premiere of CineCars’ first crowdfunded historic documentary: Le Pantere Della Polizia Italiana on saturday night the 28th of May.

23359065110_25a8a5d8cc_kMirko Cocco and Angelo van Schaik, an Italian in The Netherlands and a Dutchman in Italy, connected through film and their love for classic cars. Together they initiated this unique movie on the evolution of post-war Italy. Rebuilding a devastated nation, the demise of a rural community, the becoming of a modern state. With all marvel and all the pitfalls imaginable. An incisive portrait from the heart of Europe, seen through the eyes of the individual police officer, filmed with CineCars eagle eye. Le Pantere Della Polizia Italiana shows the courage and vision that made modern Italy.

23027659443_225f760ef3_kDuring the official première of Le Pantere Della Polizia Italiana for crowdfunders and invitees, CineCars goes live all over the internet. Historian Bastiaan van den Berg sits down with the makers and other guests. Together they’ll talk you through the story behind the movie. During the live-stream they’ll discuss the genesis of the movie, the impact of crowdfunding and of course the importance of the car in the origin of a modern country. Film makers Mirko Cocco and Angelo van Schaik will be joined by guests from around the world to tell their story. The big finale of course, will be the world premiere of the movie itself on location at Garage Johan Oldenhage in Nieuw-Vennep, as well as online.

Livestream: saturday May 28, 2016, 20H00 CET