On towering high heels the short skirted lady balances in the heavy winds whilst photographing a pink Cadillac. CineCars is at the AMK weekend at Zandvoort.

Our print colleague ‘Auto Motor Klassiek’ organises a weekend filled to the brim with classics at the Zandvoort circuit. Besides the races on the actual track brought by the HARC, there are numerous car clubs presenting their best in the paddock. Sounding names like Alfa Romeo, Lotus and many others. Some of them with beautifully decorated stands and leaflets, others plainly parked next to one another. They’re all equally welcome, there is something here for everyone. Although the general picture is painted by the many youngtimer cars, on track as well as in the paddock, we are happy to spot some ‘real’ classics here and there.

One of the people bringing such a genuine classic is Karel Sauer. A cheeky 82 year old presenting his 1947 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane. With its 70 years it is still considerably younger than its owner. The accent gives away his Amsterdam origins, but Karel has been living here in Zandvoort for quite some time now. He calls it his final haven, somehow saddening but probably just very true. After six years of tinkering and fourteen years of polishing his Armstrong has become a genuine show stopper. That is why he is here, to enter the concours d’élégance that is part of the programme. Yesterday he was best of show, today he leaves it to the others to compete for the prizes. After all you can’t win them all.

The car has also won first prize at the prestigious Concours d’Elégance at ‘Het Loo’ in Apeldoorn a few years ago. Karel mutters that he did enroll this year as well, but the organisation didn’t want him to join. ‘Probably afraid I’ll win first prize again’, he grins. The Armstrong is truly to good to be true. It has been meticulously restored by the man himself. Only the paint job was trusted to a professional. For the interior he bought several cow hides, which have been cut to measure for the upholstery. His wife deciding on the colour scheme. ‘My wife isn’t much about engineering’, so he declares, ‘but that colour scheme was right up her alley.’ The two of them go for a drive in the car regularly. Quasi misappropriated he remembers how cross she was that time he forgot to put petrol in the car.

We’re pretty sure it isn’t all that bad. Karel seems to thoroughly enjoy himself, something we can only corroborate on. There are many beautiful cars to enjoy, there is a relaxed atmosphere to chat with owners and other enthousiasts. In between we watch the races and enjoy the screaming of tires and the roaring of engines. We didn’t wait to see wo got the big prizes in the end, ’cause we simply now the visitors of this event are the overall winners once again.
Martin Philippo