img_9187flag_cinecars_dutchThe Nash Le Mans is a nice piece of kit. Literally as well as figuratively speaking. Build like a life size Meccano set. Nothing is real, but man, what a machine.

The story of the Pininfarina Nash Le Mans is just as exclusive as the chosen name. That’s what you get when a genuine connaisseur hides himself in a shed to build the car of his dreams. British engineering, Italian design and a whole lot of hard core improvisation. Alexander Snijdewind first got wind of this car in an article on the internet. A kind of love at first sight. A renewed acknowledgment with the English way of building sports cars. And what better return into that scene than with a car literally built in a backyard shed.

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img_9190Underneath it’s a Triumph Vitesse. Elongated, improved, but undoubtedly a straight six Triumph. The livery is based on the Lancia D24 Juan Manual Fangio won the 1953 Carrera Panamericana in. That’s all the credit a self built like this needs. The car has style, character and charisma. And although it might not have pedigree, this mixture of DNA is a brilliant one, to say the least. Easy to understand Alexander fell for this one. Ever so understandable.
Marc GF Zaan