80s television was full of action-packed and exciting new shows. Shows such as Knight Rider, Miami Vice, and The A-Team set many trends in music, fashion, and especially toys. The iconic cars from 80s hit shows were so popular that toy companies made replicas of the cars to play with and to collect. Some models are so popular that they even have their own fan club. If you are a fan of 80s tv shows, you will love this 80s themed model cars list.

Knight Rider

The featured car in Knight Rider is one of the 80’s most iconic vehicles. KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) was loved for its dry sense of humour and ability to drive itself. KITT even had a memory of 1000 megabits (which was a lot at the time) and was equipped with turbo boost, body armour and a lot of cool and dangerous weapons. Though the scaled Hot Wheels version may not include all these features, its design is beautiful and brings you back in time.

Miami Vice

When you think about Miami Vice, you think of fast and funky cars. In this action-packed hit show, two undercover agents work together to fight crime in the streets of Miami and to do so the fashionable duo need to have the coolest cars of course. A cool Ferarri could not be missed in our list. One of Miami Vice’s most remarkable vehicles was the Ferrari F512M. Originally the car was black, but was painted white in order to look better during night scenes. The scaled model from Hot Wheels is perfect replica of the signature style of 80s cars and fits perfectly in any collection.

The A-Team

The iconic van of the 80s can’t be forgotten in this ‘best of’ list. The 1983 GMC Vandura carried the four main characters throughout their adventures and often was a crucial part of competing the mission. The unique paint job, with the red stripe on the back and metallic roof, made this van memorable. The ‘A-Team Van’, also from Hot Wheels, will be a great addition for every vintage collector.


The 80s is not complete without our favourite ghost hunter’s vehicles: the Ecto-1 and 2 from Ghostbusters. Because who are you going to call when there is a ghost on the loose? None other than the team of Ghostbusters. Hot Wheels really wanted to excel in retro cars, so that is why they made great scaled versions of it.

Back to the Future

Back to the Future is an American classic. In this movie Doc Brown and 17-year-old high school student Marty McFly travel into the past and of course back to the future in the time-traveling DeLorean DMC-12. In addition to the flux capacitor, the car was equipped with gull-wing door and an innovative fiberglass body structure. The DMC-12 was the only model ever produced by DeLorean Motor Company which went bankrupt in 1982. Being a flash in the pan of American motor history made this car a cult classic. Not surprising that companies such as Hot Wheels and Welly produced a scale model of it.

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