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Perhaps by the time you reached early childhood you already had a flock of Ferrari’s, a Bentley or two and an eye-catching Lamborghini. From children’s toys to serious collector’s items, don’t let these hidden gems gather dust in your basement because today model cars from the 1950s, 60s and 70s are reaching staggering heights at auction.  Give them a polish pronto and discover just how much some of your old classic model cars are worth today!

Miniature Madness: Matchbox

Mini cars have made a return to fame in recent years and this all thanks to the popular toy brand Matchbox which was launched in 1953. The beginnings of these beauties boil down to Jack Odell’s wish for his little girl to be able to take her toys to school. A rule was put in place that children could only bring in toys if they would fit inside a matchbox. And so an idea was born. In 1953 the brand Matchbox produced its first three models; the Aveling Barford Road Roller, a Muir Hill Dump Truck and a Cement Mixer. Evidently all of Jack’s daughters wanted in on the fun too. The original cars were reasonably priced so all kids could afford them, but today original versions in their packaging have astoundingly increased in value. The cars themselves are roughly 1:64 to scale of the vehicles they are modelled on. The 1967 Mercedes Benz 230SL was sold at auction in 1999 for a hefty €6,392, incredible compared to the mere pennies it cost at the time of release. Another gold star is the 1966 Opel Diplomat which is valued at around €7,500.

From Liverpool to France: Dinky Toys 

Dinky Toys come all the way from Liverpool, England. Production began in 1933 and the world of miniature toys changed forever. With competition from Corgi coming in fast and strong, the die cast dinkys had to advance their little cars fast. And they did by introducing opening doors, detailed engines and fingertip steering. In March 2008, a pre-war ‘type 22’ dinky toy delivery van showing the name of London cycling firm W.E Boyce, sold for €26,000 which was a world record for one single Dinky toy. Box sets of dinky can even go for up to double this amount today.

No Not a Dog: Corgi Cars

Corgi International Limited was launched in the late 1950s in England and produced a range of toy model cars that sold enormously well all over the world. For example this Corgi Toys police car was sold at auction on Catawiki for €305. Pretty impressive, right? Some of the most famous miniature cars are models made popular by films and television series. Think the original Batmobile and James Bond’s Aston Martin for example, both of which are worth far more money when sold at auction now than when they were originally purchased.

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