Our Chief Editor took reporter and Saab enthousiast Martin Philippo to Citroën only fair Citromobile. Looking for similarities in experiencing the classic car hobby at the high mass of Citrophilia.

As a French car aficionado with a strong predilection for Citroën in special, I could be easily tempted to just plainly report on an event like this. As a regular guest of Citromobile I could of course compare this edition to former ones, tell you all how much fun it is to meet up with friends and acquaintances. To hit the jackpot at one of the many stalls, find that one part you’ve been searching for like forever, or simply can’t resist the enormous amount of things on offer. I choose to fathom the reaction of the outsider I brought with me. To have the eye of the cameraman do the talking.

‘Doing’ an event like this with a photographer in your footsteps isn’t all that simple. Just when I thought I was the one holding us back because of all the people I just have to meet or at least shake hands with, the man behind the lens keeps on disappearing between two stalls, behind a car or almost stretched out on a table. Mesmerised by the diversity of this event. The enormous variety of things on offer, but most of all by the multiformity of the audience. An event like this is mostly about living the brand, more than just a certain modelrange. Add to that the wide range of a brand like Citroën and you’ll understand why it is loved amongst all.

Professional and private traders from inland and abroad, clubs and unions, enthousiasts and seasoned mechanics, at Citromobile they are brought together year after year. Combined in a way that promises something for everyone, always on the lookout for new features to complement fixed values. Where else will you find an over fifty year old car club dedicating their entire stand to the promotion of a new full feature movie? Including the colorful cast, crew and of course the elderly lead role, that remains in focus in the middle of the stand in all its black glory. And yes, a bouncy castle for the children we have seen before, but a miniature household fair to lure in the wife of the hobbyist is something pretty rare indeed.

Cut out engines and demo-models we have seen on display on other occasions, but here we find a stand where typical repairs are done live on stage. You can even have a pre-sale examination performed on any vehicle you would like to buy here on Citromobile. When I’ve once again lost track of my photographer friend, I find him in an animated conversation with one of the international regulars. Subject the two-engined 2CV Sahara replica in front of them. Not just your ‘ordinary’ Saab. Now the initial astonishment has disappeared, I see a glimpse of sprouting enthousiasm for the quirkiness of Citroën. Maybe even a sway of recognition. After all, both Saab and Citroën have always been and remained quite the outsiders. Sometime averted to all convention, usually against all odds.
Marc GF Zaan