The Mille Miglia is no debutant on the CineCars website. This year Matijs Jutte crossed the Alps to enjoy the event for you.

The ‘Mille’ Miglia is there to be lived! Most classic car enthousiasts have heard of it and those who were there will all admit: Nowhere in the world you will find such an overwhelming amount of vehicles with race pedigree from the original 1000 Miglia era. Over 450 cars that could have entered the original 1000 Miglia between 1927 and 1957 are raced on public roads for 1600 long kilometers. During two whole and two half days they travel through the magnificent decor of significant cities like Brescia, Parma, Rome, Mantova, Padua and Florence.

This year we celebrate the ninetieth birthday of the 1000 Miglia. For CineCars the rally is no stranger, nor is it for the growing contingent of Dutchmen. No less than 57 equipes that started in Brescia this year were Dutch. That’s a stunning 13 percent of the entire field. Not counting the many followers. Enthousiast who drive their own, mostly Italian, cars to Italy to follow the circus partly or entirely. And lets not forget the Ferrari Tribute, showcasing dozens, maybe over a hundred even, modern Ferrari’s driving the same route as a warm welcome to the gathered crowds.

This year there wasn’t much need for warming up, the weather during the 1000 Miglia was usually very good. Except on the stage from Rome to Parma on Friday. On the Abetone pass (over 1400 meters in altitude) temperatures froze at 8 degrees Celsius and it rained relentlessly. Participants in open vehicles were often fighting the elements behind the wheel. Part of the 1000 Miglia is tourism as well, many of the participants enjoy the landscapes and stop for pictures or a quick espresso. Leaving the competition bit to the others. A bowl of soup or a coffee to warm up and of we go, down through the valley on our way to Parma where the evening meal is awaiting. Or enjoying the sun on a picturesque city square, ancient buildings oozing history still trembling from the roaring engines, a glass of Lambrusco and a Piadine in hand. We all have our own ways to enjoy the 1000 Miglia.

Besides the culinary feast, we get reacquainted with manufacturers like Siata, Osca, Stanga, Moretti and Cisitalia. Side to side with the most beautiful examples of what Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes and Bugatti built at the time. Many of these names are vaguely familiar to the ear, but here, under the Italian sun, they are alive and kicking. Pictures tell more than a thousand miles, so we prolong our memory of a beautiful weekend and wait impatiently for the next edition.
Matijs Jutte