CineCars video’s are savoured world wide by hundreds of thousands internet viewers. Together with Dutch theme network ONS we now expand to the television screen in the new show My Dream Car.

ONS can be received in over four million Dutch households. Most cable companies offer the network in their basic programme, others in an additional package. ONS is a TV-network for people that like to keep in touch with the latest trends on travel, movies and cuisine. ONS offers a wide variety of great series, Dutch and foreign movies, history, music and entertainment. The classics, successful series and productions of their own.

Don’t we all know someone who is really smitten by his or her classic car? Someone who’s enthousiasm for rolling heritage never gets bored? In co-operation with CineCars, the classic car community, ONS presents a rich anthology of Hollands rolling roads of the past: My Dream Car. Grand dads little Beetle, the Citroën of the general practitioner and the notary’s Jaguar, they all pass the scene. And so much more. Presented to you by their proud owners. All of them telling the history of their automobile up to the tiniest little screw. Told be real enthousiasts.

My Dream Car is the ultimate proof that internet content is being taken seriously in the media world of today. The CineCars community brings one success story after another; crowdfunding of international projects, cross blogging and now even a real television show. It shows how much the love for classic cars is capable of achieving great stuff. Now and in the future.

My Dream Cars, from wednesday March the first 2017 on ONS.
Marc GF Zaan