Legislation and weather conditions keep most classics indoors during wintertime. Thank goodness CineCars still has some gorgeous pictures from last summer season on stock.

Nice people drive nice cars! To find these nice people you don’t always have to travel long distances. Sometimes you’ll find the nicest people just around the corner. At small local shows, far from the big money. This is where people come to enjoy looking at classics, showing of their own and talk about classics amongst kindred spirits.

One of these typical enthousiast organised events is the oldtimer show in Sassenheim in the Dutch flower bulb region. It’s situated in the city park, without much further ado. They serve coffee and beer besides what just a handful of food trucks have on offer. No enormous VIP-lounge for sponsors, instead there is a rockabilly band on stage. Nice and simple and therefor free for visitors and ‘competitors’. Good times don’t need a price tag. Surrounding the temporary coffee place a large number of classics is put on display. Oldtimers, youngtimers, mopeds, motorcycles and army vehicles. The heavy morning rain didn’t withhold the proprietors to bring their pride and joy. Some give their babies a last quick wipe, she’s got to look her best today!

A stroll past all cars on display shows a large variety. Of course organisers of local events like this don’t have the luxury to add a theme to their shows, or even make a selection. That doesn’t really matter, on the contrary, the limitation adds to the equation. There is something for everyone around here. That variety is what makes a show like this interesting. Of course a Ferarri draws a lot of attention, but why would it be any more special compared to a Morris Minor? It’s not the price tag that makes the car, it’s the passion that is being put in to it. A youngtimer Daimler is shining next to a small Topolino that tries its best to keep up the bling. We recognise Piet Nicola’s Studebakers that once starred in a CineCars video and article. We meet Mr. van Dijk, former Renault dealer and his beautiful pre-war Renault. He asks us if we know the miracle of the Dynastart, where the dynamo doubles as starter motor. No question this needs to be demonstrated. The smooth running of the pre-war mechanics is admired by the crowd.

When the large crowds enter the Sassenheim park to watch what’s on display, the owners are at their best. Filled with pride they shine as brilliant as their motorcars. These motorists clearly love the fact their hobby is admired like this. And why wouldn’t they be, shared joy creates friends forever. Visitors ask about how long a restoration took, about availability of parts and don’t hesitate to express their appreciation for the classic cars. Ever so often you hear someone talk about their uncle who had a DKW just like that, or the joy grandpa had driving exactly that little Fiat. Especially the older visitor reminisces on days gone by, sharing their stories with everyone who wants to hear.

To really enjoy true car love you don’t need to visit a major show. True car passion is just as easily lived at a small venue like this one in Sassenheim. After all, it isn’t just about the lovely car itself. Without the man or woman behind it, the car is just a mechanical masterpiece. Put the human being into the equation and things come alive. That’s what small shows like this prove. Enough reason to visit one of these nice local events this summer!
Martin Philippo