Update 7 Sunday 11 september 21:30
Happy men

goodwood-the-girls-update-14The fun thing about the Goodwood Revival is the way women of all ages make their best effort to look nice. They make sure to look their best, curl their hair, put on their nicest historic outfit. It doesn’t really matter wether one is twenty or over sixty. Maybe the choice of garment might be a little different, although that sure isn’t always the case. After a few glasses of bubbly there is flirting as you have never seen before. One of the colleagues is being approached by two very elegant fifty plus ladies whilst taking pictures, when the first one tells him out of the blue ‘she’s wet all over’. The other one adds without even blinking ‘if she could hold his tool for a moment’. He choses to go take his pictures somewhere else. But oh joy, there we have the immer cheery Glamcab Girls, whilst the American camp dishes out genuine beach girls. Yesterday they had to wear raincoats over their bikini’s, today we are more ‘lucky’. And for those of you that might think all of this is quite sexist, the spouses and girlfriends are all there, laughing and flirting like the rest of them. One happy family.

Robbert Moree

Update 6 Sunday 11 september 14:15

The Goodwood Revival sets the standard voor historic car events. Is the standard. Amongst the many visitors and competitors we recognise folk that are engaged in similar leading events throughout the world. Even they come to Goodwood to enjoy and to learn.

Hans Hugenholtz and Bernard van Oranje are competing the Kinrara Trophy in a Ferrari 250 GT SWB of Racing Team Holland. They are clearly up for it. Bernhard van Oranje loves the atmosphere here at Goodwood. Being the owner of Race Park Zandvoort he likes to be up to date about what others are doing around Europe. Taking in the experience, taking it back home to see how they can develop Zandvoort in the future. Educated by the best only.

Robbert Moree

Update 5 Sunday 11 september 12:15
On Track

Visiting Goodwood is one thing, racing at Goodwood is something completely different. David Hart of DHG Racing is one of those truly enjoying the competition. Did he use to compete in the trusty Cobra that won DHG so many successes, since a year or so he is trying to befriend a 1965 Lola T70 MK1 Spyder. With little succes, he answers to my question if he has gotten used to the car by now. The Le Mans Classic was one of many setbacks. Having been supplied with the wrong fuel, thirty vehicles found themselves with engine problems. Honing and oversized pistons were the only remedy. And a compulsory pause. This being the first time Hart is back in action in the Lola. The car was transported to Goodwood without engine, only to have it installed here on site. For now everything seems to be ship shape once again.

Robbert Moree

Update 4 Saturday 10 september 20:15
The Show Must Go On

goodwood-regen-2-36Did the local weather stations predict a little rain between ten and two, today we are stuck in a ten to seven shower. One of the Brits here declares his jealousy with the Dutch weather forecast, ‘that is apparently much more reliable’. The rain does take the joy out of taking backstage pictures, and according to the colleagues on the track their job isn’t that great today either. Although the races get more exciting with all the spray and slippery situations. We see one of the motorbikes slide, without any harm luckily.

Furthermore we see visitors seeking shelter from the rain using all kinds of contraptions. Some kind of pink transparant poncho’s, raincoats, umbrellas, plastic bin bags and so on. Even cars carry umbrellas. Of course CineCars did go out to shoot you some pictures. The lievestream shows you the races way better than any photograph could depict, but for these brilliant looks behind the scenes, well you can’t do without photographers. Tomorrow it will be dry again. So they say.
Robbert Moree

Update 3 Saturday 10 september 18:15
Cheese and Biscuits Anyone?

29501897721_c828aed084_kFor many of the British visitors to the Goodwood Revival the St. Mary’s Trophy is one of the highlights. It’s a race for ordinary cars. Production based saloons is what they call them around here. Ford Cortina’s, Jaguars, Mini’s and Austins a plenty. This year Goodwood is celebrating 60 years of Austin A35, the all-time middle class icon. Or, like they say here on Goodwood, ‘the Austin A35 is as much a race car as a pony is a thoroughbred racing horse. Some recognise a potato in it, I think they’re quite cute and cuddly. And very very narrow. The things mechanics and tuning companies do to these cosy little cars defies all imagination. The engines rev like mad and drivers fight on the square millimeter. That’s what makes this the most exciting and most exciting race according to many. It also means the mechanics have a hell of a job keeping the little things running after every heat. Even engines are changed when one of the pistons shears under the constant attack. Now don’t you think famous people don’t like to be seen driving these almost ridiculous race. Martin Brundle, Rowan Atkinson, Tiff Needell and TV presenter Amanda Stratton race for the money in these brave little cars. Even the late Sir Jack Brabham loved to race this little Austin around the circuit in his hayday.
Robbert Moree

Update 2 Friday 9 september 23:15
Men, Manly Men, Men


Men, usually they are men, here behind the scenes. Lets give some attention to this particular group at the Goodwood Revival. Racing takes a lot from the old bangers they tear around the track here at Goodwood. Every now and then there is a small collision. Who are the people that take care of the cars out of sight from the audience. Repairing the damage, servicing the engines. The men that tune the pedigree stallions. A task, due to the often foul character of the racing breed, not to be underestimated. These old horses need a little more taking care of than the modern cars most of us drive around all day. Countless grease nipples needing to be filled, tires that need to be changed. Brake services, or even complete gearbox exchanges, all in the blink of an eye. Every reason to applaud the mechanics here at Goodwood!

Robbert Moree

Update 1 Friday 9 september 12:40
Arriving in Style

goodwood-carparc-dag-1-21Same song every year, the Goodwood Revival is so popular, that traffic jams on the way there are unavoidable. Well, at least this traffic jam has style. All kinds of great classic cars  slowly work their way to the entrance. With some understatement one could say that the road to Goodwood is the ultimate car engine overheating test. Some cars are already next to the road. They clearly did not pass the test. On arrival it is relieving to see that so many made it to the grassland carpark of Goodwood. So relieving for most, that a big smile for the CineCars camera is no problem at all. Once arrived on the grasslands, hopping over the uneven surface with the old fashioned roadholding facilities we so adore in our vehicles, the overload of stunning classics surrounding us is getting even bigger. This is a true British party, Jaguars, MG’s, Rover’s, British heritage rules. Let the fun commence!
Robbert Moree

Check our updates and the official live stream during the event 9th – 11th September 2016 here on CineCars.

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