In the sunlit Portuguese town of Leiria the classic motorcar is put on a well earned pedestal. Highlight is the yearly festival Leiria on Wheels. CineCars presents the facts.

For a number of years, late September is when the Portuguese town of Leiria is the decor for a large classic car festival. In 2016 over 500 classic vehicles, cars, motorcycles and bicycles gathered in the local sport stadium for Leiria Sobre Rodas, Leiria on Wheels. On the grass of the Dr. Magalhãs Pessoa stadium, where usually athletes work up a sweat, now the most exquisite of classic motorcars were presented. Outside on the carpark a slalom circuit was set up, where 47 pilots could show their skills. For the children of Leiria a pop-up kart track was installed, where no less then 157 kids could experience the fun in driving a kart. And there was the Leiria’s Special Sprint, with besides the participants over 15.000 visitors.

All that is good deserves to be repeated, that’s why this year the entire thing is on again. With more emphasis on the programme, a new track and international rally drivers. Then again this years theme is all about celebrating 50 years of the Rally of Portugal. Like before a tour of the proximity of Leiria is on the menu. Here in Portugal that does not just consider motorcars, but a colourful parade of scooters and bicycles as well. Like in many Latin languages, the Portuguese for scooter is synonymous with wasp. The buzzing during the coming tour will be quite noticeable, when the swarm of Vespa’s and likes does its round.

Next to the grand offering of classic vehicles and activities, visitors can enjoy more modern stuff as well. Over 50 companies, car dealers, restorers and sellers of automobilia will display their goods. Besides that a large number of Super Sport Cars has promised to be on site. The City of Leiria truly manages to put itself in the spotlight with this event. And although the website, for now, is strictly Portuguese, we strongly recommend to put it in your agenda: Leiria Sobre Rodas – Leiria on Wheels, from 21 until 24 of September 2017. Is it already a fixed date in your agenda and would you like to share your story and pictures with the world through CineCars, are you an ambitious Portuguese reporter that would like to surprise us with an article from his or her home country, our editors are always ready for suggestions! Who takes up the challenge?
Martin Phillippo