The Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini tells the tale on its name barers life path like only a true family museum can do. No cold marketing phrases, but warm family bonds.

It is sufficiently known that the lines between the Lamborghini family and the factories they gained their world wide fame with were already cut in the early seventies. After the sale of the tractor division to direct competitor SAME in 1972, the demise of Automobili Lamborghini as a family business follows the next year. Factories and brand name are sold to Swiss investors. The Lamborghini family is left behind with a legendary heritage and all rights to name and logo. Not a bad deal after all.

Freed from the worries of leading an empire, founder Ferruccio Lamborghini pledges his heart to a winery in Umbria. In 1975, the same year in which 28 years after her brother Tonino his daughter Patrizia is born, Lamborghini produces his first wine. Leaving life as an industrial mogul behind forever. Leaving the entrepreneurship to his son Tonino. It is that same son that manages to convince his father not to abandon the family legacy just like that. Ferruccio, never a man to look back at the past, only caves in when he is confronted with a meticulously restored example of one of his early tractors. It will be the start of an exquisite collection.


Although the Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini can easily be seen as a life’s work, it sure isn’t the main interest of Tonino. Besides the books he wrote about life and work of his father, he has, as said, inherited the entrepreneurship of the man as well. Watches, hand bags and mobile phones, Lamborghini produces them all.
Like garden equipment and, developed together with motor racing son Ferruccio Jr., electric scooters are part of the assortment. Like a true Italian industrial should, Lamborghini is at home in every market. His name even sports the facade of his very own hotel in China. In the business world the name Lamborghini still stands for more than just tractors and hyper cars.


That business world isn’t the only part of the Italian landscape that is cheered up by the name Lamborghini. One of Tonino’s four daughters, Elettra, isn’t a stranger to the Italian jetset. With the same flair as her American counterpart, hotel heiress Paris Hilton, she climbs the celebrity ladder at warp speed. TV and Instagram are on her every move, just like the hundreds of thousands following her online. Her aunt Patrizia meanwhile developed her fathers winery in Umbria to a producer of four very fine red wines, renown all over the world. Tenuta Patrizia Lamborghini, you just got to look it up someday soon.


And so the circle is closed. We’ve returned to the soil Ferruccio Lamborhini himself loved to work, to the work of the maestro himself. Life and work as it is so lovingly portrayed by his descendants in the museum carrying his name. The Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini in Bologna, where everything from the very first tractors up til the super cars of the early seventies are lined up like brothers in arms. Narrow track tractors besides the wide rubber of the legendary Miura. This is the true story of Ferruccio Lamborghini, entrepreneur.
Marc GF Zaan