The history of a modern state explained through the used police cars, that’s the surprising angle of the five episode series Le Pantere Della Polizia Italiana.

These are times of fear and social and political unrest. History repeating itself? With ‘Le Pantere della Polizia Italiana’ CineCars digs deep into the origin of the 20th century western society. Society as we know it is being threatened by mechanisms we individuals can’t grasp. In 2016 the CineCars community made its very first longer documentary. A movie on the rise of modern Italy in post second world war Europe. An intriguing story on the impact of fear and terror on a society in full expansion. On geo-political development, crime and not least the role of the fast growing automobility. Because we should take lessons out of the things that passed.


IMG_0717Italy rises in the speed of modern times. Country folk gather in ever expanding cities. Its the new and unknown for most of them. Living so closely together brings its specific problems to the new urbanisations. Organised crime is trying to take over. Drugs are rapidly taken over the suburbs, bringing all new sorts of problems to face. Radio communication is one of the mod con’s helping the police fight their battle, a brand new Alfa Romeo in the new police livery is the other. CineCars presents the Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint. Powerful and fast, ready to take on the baddies at any time.

Italia Accelera | Le Pantere Della Polizia Italiana | Ep4

IMG_0688Succeeding the aging Alfa Romeo 1900 Super, the all new six cilinder Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint easily stood up to its new task of facing modern crime. In the now olive green livery of the Polizia di Stato, the latest generation Pantere became well feared amongst villains and crooks of all sizes. Nimble, fast and distinctive, Italy’s police officers were well served with the 2600. Special Police modifications made the new car capable of speeds way beyond 200 km/h when necessary, making it the ideal vehicle for downtown surveillance as well as high speed pursuit. The new Pantere no longer just lurk around in the dark, now they are here and in your face. Beat it, you scum!
Marc GF Zaan


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