flag_cinecars_dutchThe well known international exhibitions have been flooded with Porsche 911’s these last years. Interclassics Brussels brings us more Ferrari than Porsche, the beginning of a new era?

CineCars visits the classic car show Interclassics Brussels for the very first time. Being two times as large as last year, according to the organisation, the entire exhibitionspace in the shadow of the Atomium has been sold out. Over 20.000 visitors will buy a ticket over the weekend. The circuit of Spa-Francorchamps is the main theme for this years Brussels Interclassics, hence presenting Belgian racing car driver Thierry Boutsen as guest of honor during the official opening.

31150031345_0fff0e2e80_kAt the Interclassics Maastricht last Januari we did complain about an overload of Porsches Now we do like the 911, but we also love a bit of diversity. Something the organisation really grasped this time. Today the Interclassics shows us quite the collection of Ferrari’s aside the obvious Porsches. Could it be een increase in popularity with the seventieth birthday of the brand coming up next year? For us the presence of different brands of cars makes an exhibition like this far more interesting to visit. There is a lot of variety, next to the Jaguars, Porsches and Ferrari’s, we see a nice mixture of ‘Fords and Fiats’ side by side with some more exotic cars and, of course, the obligatory American motors. Bring in the clubs, the parts traders, the detailing specialists and the specialised book stalls and you have created a well balanced exhibition.


30342515183_8a758c3981_kMany a racing driver has good, though slightly nervous memories of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Next to the water ballets spring and autumn can bring, it has quite the challenges year round. We only need to point at the CineCars report on the Spa Six Hours of 2015. With F1 races and it’s famous 24 Hours the Spa-Francorchamps circuit is renowned around the world. Being created in the magical Francorchamps, Malmedy, Stavelot triangle by Liegeois aristocrats early last century, it soon became famous for its 24 Hours racing (1924) and its Grand Prix a year later. In 1925 the European Grand Prix was raced amongst seven competing cars. The renowned Alfa Romeo pilot Antonio Ascari took first place. In 1939 the board invented a unique corner, one we find here at the exhibition at Interclassics Brussels 2016, the Raidillon. Pilots just had to take this corner at extremely high speeds, presenting very clearly the aim of the circuits board: Making Spa-Francorchamps one of the fastest tracks in Europe. Michael Schumacher lapped it in 2002 with an average speed of 241,837 km/h!

30342511823_1384d65156_kInterclassics shows 20 cars that once drove the circuit. All displayed in a time correct setting. We see a Talbot Lago T26C fit for Grand Prix racing. Louis Rosier drove in the 1951 Belgium Grand Prix at Spa. Amongst the more modern race cars we find a Jaguar XJR14. This one raced Spa-Francorchamps in 1991, powered by a Ford Formule One engine. Martin Brundle once said it was the best car he ever raced. Further on we noticed some very stunning Bugatti’s in their typical blue livery.


31006242642_766b381075_kI’d like to pin point just one car from the otherwise exhibited cars: The Alfa Romeo 1900 Sprint ‘Supergioiello’ Ghia. I never saw this model with this particular bodyork before and I’m very impressed. The colour is great for the shape as well. Only 18 examples were made in 1953/54, of which only three allegedly survived. This one is the very last Ghia ever built and has driven the Monte Carlo Rally for one. As usual, an exhibition like this shows to much to mention. Just go visit the Maastricht version in Januari for more stunning cars.
Robbert Moree

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