Whilst Winter reluctantly gives way, the classic scene can’t wait to come out. Martin Philippo is looking for a fresh breeze.

The Members Meeting at Goodwood is traditionally the kick-off for a new season of historic racing. Edition 2018 is extremely cold, visitors and drivers try to hide for the snow and ice. The famous daffodils, pre-eminently the messenger of spring, are shivering along the track. In Sassenheim, on the other side of the North Sea, where these daffodils are grown, it’s just as cold. Just my luck that the new showroom of HooG Selections is nice and warm.

Who, like me, takes a look at the new showroom of HooG Selections, will find out that it is just that little different from other locations. That is exactly what owner Darcy Hoogenhout has in mind. He does not see his showroom as nothing but an address where you go to purchase a classic, this is a meeting point for classic car enthousiasts. No dreary gallery, but most of all a place to enjoy yourself. The walls are decorated with prints of famous photographers’ work, in niches in the wall classic motorcycles and mopeds beg for your attention. Hoogenhout knows exactly how to create an appealing atmosphere without falling back on an antique interior. This is a modern look at the classic car trade.

A fresh look at things by a young entrepreneur that quit school to pursue making a living through his passion for old cars. Starting of with a single classic sold through the internet, he now has a stash of over thirty cars. Today I am at the grand opening of his brand new showroom. Champagne a plenty, today we celebrate. Visitors congratulate the owner with his big step forward. It is great to see how in the world of classic motoring there is still room for young dogs. Young men and women who want to put their energy into keeping our automotive heritage afloat. After all, there is no better way of commemorating history, than by keeping it alive.

It is a great thing to see that these young people have the guts to change their lives drastically, completely turn over their plans for the future and start living for- and of their passion. The classic car scene needs young people like this. A fresh breeze is so much better than getting stuck in tradition. New enthousiasts need to be sourced to preserve our heritage. A glance at this here showroom shows the abundance of choice for these new enthousiasts. Timeless Alfa Romeo’s are shoulder to shoulder with more modern cars that will be great for everyday use for many seasons to come. With love I look at a small Fiat 850 Sport Spider that brings back a lot of memories. A NSU TT is still in need of some TLC, but it isn’t hard to imagine how this little motor will soon be hurling around some track. A new season, fresh blood and plans a plenty. There is still a future in our old bangers.
Martin Philippo