2017 has been an important year to CineCars. Filled to the brim with new stuff and dreams come true. Travel through time with us and discover our drive.

For us the year started on the other side of the world, on Cuba. Where else would you find such a clean cut example of the CineCars philosophy. Humble Russian four pot iron disguised as fifties American muscle. These are the survivors, this is Mad Max for real. This is exactly what CineCars is looking for, what we want to preserve for the next generations, the beauty of over a hundred years of auto mobility. The rise and bloom of individual mobility on the eve of a new era.


Wandering through one of the many classic car expo’s we like to muse on what has been. About what once was the future. At the Maastricht Interclassics, the Antwerp Classic Salon or the Salon Champenois in Reims, wherever we go we see enthousiasts and collectors enjoy this important piece of industrial heritage in their own way. Enjoying a piece of progress that had and has the capability to merge both internal and external beauty into a utensil that is as banal as it is crucial in the becoming of the 20th century. Whatever angle one chooses, the motorcar has seriously influenced the cultural and economical landscape world wide. Bringing a form of freedom that is more and more turning into a burden. A burden nobody seems to wanna get rid of that easily.


We were posted alongside the tarmac of Zandvoort, Spa, Goodwood and the Nürburgring. We visited historical Grand Prix’ from Monthlery to Sydney, enjoyed rally’s from South- to Northern-Europe. Inhaled petrol fumes and racing lubricants on the long slopes of the Austrian Alps as well as the steep fortifications of the French town of Angoulême. Endured the rain and mud to experience an old fashioned hill climb in good ‘ol blighty as well as the cold sea breeze during a rallysprint in the Dutch Delta. Everywhere we went, we saw and experienced the same thing, driven enthousiasts enjoying exactly that what their classic does best.


Whether we visit a large event in Sevilla or at home at Het Loo. From the Castle de Merode in Belgium to the legendary Villa d’Este in Italy, from Leiria in Portugal to Schloss Dyck in Germany, the public knows how to appreciate the ingenuity of the classic automobile. Together we all enjoy the many flashbacks to our collective memory. Where like us the audience is looking for the great stories, the special relations and most of all the great people behind a pass time that is solely built on passion. On the idea of representing an era that shouldn’t be lost. 


CineCars strives to tell a tale. The history of a generation that grew up with the automobile as the ultimate expression of freedom and prosperity. A generation that is slowly but surely disappearing. Followed by generations with a different focus, an alternate goal. We aim to claim these stories for future generations. We film the protagonists of the day, create mood sketches and documentaries on an era in our recent history that is slowly being overtaken by its own shortcomings. Because these tales are so magnificent, but mainly because nobody should forget what dreams were made of. Keep following us in 2018 and continue being surprised by the past of the future.
Marc GF Zaan