17301384175_4acf993544_kMercedes-Benz’s first ‘Sonderklasse’ to be officially called the S-class. A denomination that has become synonymous to quality for practically everyone. Since the very introduction of the S-class it has been a very robust car, proudly wearing the three pointed star on the radiator grille.

To make the switch from long time Citroën enthousiast to a German tank like this, does take some courage. Yuri took this step out of love for cars from the era. Having driven and thoroughly enjoyed a Citroën SM for years, there came this long awaited moment to admit he was ready for something new, something different. For many hard core Citroën lovers Mercedes-Benz wouldn’t be their weapon of choice, it certainly is for Yuri!

17187572496_2fd5a0301c_kAlmost every car enthousiast, if not all, does feel something for the S-class. The car enthousiasts know how to appreciate its qualities, and those who aren’t in to the car thing really do recognise it as a proper Mercedes. A piece of prosperity and wellbeing on wheels.

In 1972 the W116 range was introduced. Succeeding the W108/109 it was the first ‘Sonderklasse’ to be marketed as the S-class. Numerous novelties and ameliorations in form of quality, handling and last but not least safety were introduced in this all new S-class. In total almost half a million examples of this iconic car were made before it was replaced by its successor, the W126. Featuring straight six or V8 petrol engines throughout, and in the last years of the production run even a 300SD for the North-American market only. The D of course denominating the diesel engine in front of this ‘Sonderklasse’.

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17025986750_fc1168a521_kIt is nice to be passionate about a specific brand or model, Yuri however isn’t biased at all in his passion for cars.  The broad-mindedness in his choice for an entirely different kind of car shows he’s a genuine car enthousiast. However he did choose for the top of the brands range, as he did with Citroëns SM. The luxurious interior he had already gotten used to, but having all the switches exactly where you’d expect them really marked the step into a world called Mercedes-Benz. Hate it, or love it, but everything on these cars is just right. This is the work of true German engineering.

17025742238_89011917c2_kWith only 30.000 genuine kilometers on the clock, this 280SE has yet to be properly run in. The gorgeous Pullman interior shows no sign of wear. In this condition, with this mileage, this Mercedes really is the ‘pin in the haystack’. Something Yuri is going to enjoy fully. Having obtained the car only recently, the passion in which he talks about his Mercedes-Benz already says it all. ‘Das Haus’ just gained another true fan of the S-class!
Dennis Rietveld