IMG_7371flag_cinecars_dutchCineCars is on a roll. Really on a roll. Whoever would have told us we would develop this fast, we would have laughed straight in the face. To become a platform was the general idea, a digital playground for genuine petrolheads. To share the passion, meet kindred spirits and create beautiful things. Loads of beautiful things. Movies, pictures, artwork and stories, CineCars seems at home in all of them. And CineCars is at home everywhere. All over the world our movies and articles are devoured with great admiration. The call for more can’t be silenced. It’s one endless adrenaline rush.

IMG_7380The CineCars community is incomparable. Every single movie adds a new member to the list. Half car, half human being. That’s what CineCars is all about: the synergy between man and machine. Unconditioned passion. Part quest, part attraction, the way CineCars blooms into a melting pot of blood and petrol is unique. Where else do you find this much enthusiasm for the product, that you get mailed by a fan with the simple proposition to shoot a movie. ‘We’ve got the cars, we’ve got a circuit and we’ll get a budget.’ Just like that, out of the blue.


IMG_7399So CineCars drove to Munich, shook hands in real life with Matijs for the very fist time and headed straight on to the Red Bull Circuit in Austria. Our subject; the magnificent creations of Formula GT, Bavarian Alfa Romeo GT Junior and Italian sport cars specialist. The miracles this firm performs on Bertone’s lovely little coupé on base of the legendary Giulia really come to life on the circuit. The characteristic rumble of Alfa’s twin cam engines makes us forget the rest of the field crowding the tarmac. No time to waste, there are pictures to be shot.

IMG_7390Filming in the hectic of a racing weekend is an experience that honours the philosophy of CineCars. Two intense days of shooting will follow. Amidst a whole lot of enthusiastic people. Owners, racers, mechanics, everyone as friendly, polite and as passionate about their cars you could possibly think. And we just tag along with our camera’s, we shoot interviews, film cars, submerge in the awesome pace of it all. Drowned in adrenaline and race grade fuel.


Just when we are about to pack up, the cherry on the cake! An invitation for a few laps on the circuit in one of those immaculately prepared GT Juniors. And boy that was fast.IMG-20160508-WA0006Really really fast. Like we said before, CineCars is on a roll, but this roll out was something else… The live footage we managed to stream on Facebook doesn’t do right to the sensations we had inside the little racer. Full throttle on the straight, hardly any slower in the bends, the little monster growls, rattles and roars. Every time you think the limit is reached there is this little extra, just that little more speed. Pure speed. So fast, so furious. To fast. Soon on CineCars, well, because we can!

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text: Mirko Cocco and Marc GF Zaan
pictures: Mirko Cocco and Teejo Renaud

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