Robbert Moree has been hooked to the Goodwood Revival for years. The ambiance, the entourage, the ultimate ‘Britishness’. Imagine his horror on discovering the Romans have landed.

On arrival at the parking lot, the Goodwood Revival is extremely British as ever. Emphasised by some ultra British weather, it is raining the proverbial ‘cats and dogs’, this year is no exception to the rule. Despite the rain and the dark clouds, most guests are in a great mood. Maybe the cold helps the engines against overheating, the historical traffic jams leading towards the ‘Revival’, usually a disaster for most British classics, seem to be shorter or at least moving a bit faster this year. The muddy meadows doubling as parking lots surrounding the historic track show the regular abundance of British heritage. Jaguars, Landrovers, Austins, Vanguards, Lotuses, Daimlers and so much more. A single Ferrari, Volvo, Volkswagen or Citroën make for some much needed variation on the theme. In the cars we see men, women and children in vintage clothing. The ‘Revival’ isn’t just a party for male car nutters, to the contrary, the dress-up part of this event attracts women from all ages, taking their chance to parade in their most beautiful frocks from the twenties, fifties or sixties.

As soon as I enter the grounds of Goodwood I find myself in a different world. The always so thoroughly British atmosphere has been replaced by an Italian stage setting. This is the Via Appia, Italian restaurants, a bar selling Birra Moretti, the skies scattered with laundry and little FIAT 500’s everywhere! Over one hundred and fifty examples in every existing version. The place feels relaxed and homely.

The Earl of Goodwood even invited an Italian garagist to Goodwood. In his shop an example of the FIAT 500 with a very special story. This here car apparently once belonged to an Italian singer that supposedly had a brief romantic affair in an elevator with the actress Joan Collins, something like that. Meanwhile our mechanic tries to fit an exhaust to an old bicycle and flog it as a genuine Ferrari, his pregnant daughter frantically knits clothes for her unborn child and her mother tries to help the business to survive by selling some fruits… It is one big circus and the crowd just loves it.

Meanwhile there is some racing going on as well. Some serious racing. To win. With a decent risk to crash, which does happen ever so often. The images of a Ferrari 250 GTO/64 that during the race crashes hard into the barriers and straight into the bodyshop, spread around the world in seconds. Special act this year is the gathering of the Ecurie Ecosse stable. The Scottish stable that has won quite some legendary races. Especially the Le Mans victories with the Jaguar XK- and D-type are engraved in the memories of the older enthousiasts.

Some of the cars have been brought over from Switzerland. The owner has his three daughters parade around the track in them. Luckily the young ladies agree to pose for your CineCars photographer in the assembly area afterwards. The TT-races are the grand finale for this years ‘Revival’, a true spectacle for the GT-racers from the day. Ferrari’s, Aston Martin’s, Jaguar E-types, at the start they sound as one gigantic airplane taking of. A noise that never fades during the entire race. A worthy end to yet another great Goodwood Revival.
Robbert Moree